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Prey (2022)

Prey (2022)




Amber Midthunder

Dakota Beavers

Michelle Thrush

Stormee Kipp


Directed by Dan Trachtenberg


I enjoyed this movie very much. I love when movies are not long and go straight to the point. 100 minutes is enough to make your point and tell your story. This movie does not do those two-hours nonsense, where half the time is for us – watching her being born and growing to have this hunter mentality which in the movie it showed she needs to work on it badly. The rate of mess up the lead was able to rack up in this movie makes you enjoy it more. She did not become the girl-power kind of character you would expect. In fact, she was scared most of the times and the fear froze her and she made a lot of mistakes which cost her.

The movie has some of the next level beautiful settings, and the visual effects are amazing. The animals are well designed to give a feel that you can reach out and touch them. Then the effects of the Predator add to that its unique characterization all through the film makes you love it more. Then the lead Naru (Amber Midthunder) was just fantastic in her acting.

This is the fifth movie in the Predator franchise, and it serves as a prequel to the first Predator movie.

This movie is set in the 1700s when a Comanche tribe comes across the Alien this franchise calls, Predator. Now, they felt they were chasing after a bear and only Naru who is an excellent tracker knew this was no bear, from the foot tracks. Their issues started when one of their tribes’ men was attacked by a mountain lion. They go after it to save him and Naru who so badly wanted to be a hunter went with them. They found the man, but he was badly wounded. They laid a trap for the lion and in the end the killed it, but Naru was badly injured when she went up against the mountain lion and almost got killed. Her brother tells her she is not ready to be a hunter, but the next day Naru goes out to hunt again and comes across tracks of the Predator and continues her hunt of it, she trains and prepares her weapons (which were of no use in the end) and goes hunting. As you would expect when she comes face to face with the creature along with her other tribes’ men, they were sacred, and many got slaughtered by the Alien Creature. She now gave herself a target, learn how to face this creature and somehow kill it.

Amazing movie and should have had some Box Office time, but I can understand the fear of bringing back a character that only people born in the 80s will really appreciate. You can catch this movie on Hulu.


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