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Genie (2023)

Genie (2023)




Melissa McCarthy

Paapa Essiedu

Denée Benton

Marc Maron


Directed by Sam Boyd


If you have never heard of this movie, congratulations you have dodged a bullet. If you saw this post before getting the chance to see this movie, just do not bother watching it.

Bernie missed his daughter's (Eve) birthday. This was how this movie starts with Bernie deciding to spend more time at work to close a deal for his boss and was not there for his daughter birthday. So, his wife (Julie) is upset because Bernie seems to be very good at being a disappointment. Julie takes Eve to her parents.

This situation is something we all know so well in almost every movie with a similar premise, why can you not be there for us, we are going to my parents, do not come.

As the movie gave me this start with some very questionable acting, I was starting to wonder if it was worth the time I am about to invest because I find Melissa McCarthy funny.

This movie was not one of her best, that I can tell you. Not only was it not funny, but it was also actually poorly written. The movie is a remake written by the same person, but I guess they decided to take a route that seems to go over my head when it comes to the jokes, the scenes and the all-round set-up of the movie.

Imagine this, Bernie gets a genie (McCarthy) this genie unlike the others does not come with three wishes, but it seems to be an infinite line of wishes.

Some of the things that Bernie wished for will make you wonder if he has any form of imagination at all. The all-round good guy act was so annoying, I wanted to kick the screen.

Then the action of McCarthy in this movie was like, she was here for the money and did not care if the movie made sense or not, because nothing about this movie made sense.

It was boring, lacked any form of urgency and at times it was like Bernie lost focus on the most important things to him, getting back with his family.

The illogical way he was going about doing his thing, made me wish for the time when streaming services did not exist, and studios do not have to fill up a quota of movies with as much junk as they can find, and then add some superstar hoping they will make people want to pay for their service.

If I had a genie, I will wish for the time I wasted watching this movie back. It is not worth any of your time.



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