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Good Burger 2 (2023)

Good Burger 2 (2023)





Kenan Thompson

Kel Mitchell


Directed by Phil Traill


I think the bar for an actual good movie is very low, if this movie could pass the development stage and get to production, I know the streaming services are fighting for contents, but maybe they should consider doing good movies, that will pull people to their services.

I watched it, wondering who thought Good Burger needed a second part? The way the first movie ended back in 1997, it did not leave any room for a second part.

To see them all grown and still being silly and not showing any form of development but being constantly down was more sad than entertaining.

Ed (Kel Mitchell) is now grown but seem to have got a hang on life yet, still living a childish way but manage to have so many children. Grown man child has lost its taste a while back, how the writers thought this was a good fit for this character is odd, and it was not the kind of welcome I thought his character deserved. Then there was Dex (Kenan Thompson) whose greed and desire to be rich has made him disliked by his family and ruined any chance he could have as a success, with schemes that are just over the top, then doing a test of such on his own house to prove a point is also beyond silly.

The movie was boring and annoying and not funny. I did not even get to feel the nostalgia of the characters, they way I do, when I watch the 1997 Good Burger again. The movie concentrated so much on the goofiness of Ed to give the movie any form of lift, which if I was a child back in 1997, would have had me, but as an adult, it felt like a lack of proper writing.

The movie plot is about as usual Good Burger wants to be taken over, the company who is now the bad guy is MegaCorp, they want Ed (who now owns Good Burger single restaurant) to them so they can open a franchise, an idea Ed is not keen on.

Dex has ruined all his business plans and has messed up his relationship with his family with all his get rich schemes. He is now down, no home, no money and no friends, so he called his old friend Ed, who lets him crash in their home and gives him a job at Good Burger.

When Dex was approached by MegaCorp to convince Ed, and this will lead to him getting a cut of the deal, he jumped on the offer and the consequences of those actions is what this movie tries to show.

I can guarantee you one thing, if you have never seen the first Good Burger, do not see this. If you have, and it was a fun memory of the 90s, this will ruin it.



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