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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024)

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024)




Rebecca Hall

Brian Tyree Henry

Dan Stevens

Kaylee Hottle


Directed by Adam Wingard


There must have been two reasons for this film to be like this:

1)      Many people must have clamoured for a film with monsters fighting from start to finish.

2)      The rights to the franchises were going to end and Universal had to make a film to keep it.

This was not a good film. The film is so loose that you can actually watch this film with no sound, and you will still understand what was happening and not get lost. The reason for this is, monster fights were from the start to end, and since we already know that Godzilla and Kong are the good guys, anyone else fighting against them, will be the bad guys. So, with no sound, you could actually figure out what was going on. The was no point for sound anyway, no point for dialogue, because all that was basically being said was, Godzilla is gearing up for something, consuming radiation left right and center for something. Since the film cuts to Kong and then back to Godzilla, you can see what the something is, and know what Godzilla is gearing up to fight.

Set three years after the events of Godzilla vs Kong, Kong is seen going about Hollow Earth, discovering more of its domain. We see him come across large creatures like him, and he seems to dominate them all. He meets another ape like creature like him, smaller and from that meet, it became a fight as more ape like creatures like him, his size this time, emerge from the mist and try to kill him. He wins and the little one, which is now like his hostage, takes him to their lair. In the lair we see many more ape like creatures like Kong and the leader, an evil ape also tries to kill Kong. But when he was losing, he summoned a creature like Godzilla which he has control over against the creature's will. With the creature, he was able to cause Kong to drop the battle and run. We soon discover that the people living in Hollow Earth, have a prophecy about this evil ape. He wants to break into our own world and, using the creature he has control of, bring about the ice age.

It was these actions Godzilla was sensing that made him start to absorb all forms of radiation in preparation for the fight that is to come.

The film does have few and far in-between breathing space where the humans talk about waking another creature, which in fact is a Godzilla ally to balance the fight, but all that still can be figured from sight with no sound.

If you just want to see Monster fights with the only aim being to save humanity, then this is for you.


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