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Safe House (2012)

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Safe House


Denzel Washington
Ryan Reynolds

Directed by: Daniel Espinosa

Distributed by: Universal Pictures

Safe House, as time goes by, you come to see how weak the script is and how dull it can get.

Other than that, if you are in for some conspiracy and don’t mind a little mix of some action, then Denzel’s delivery of Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington’s character), an ex-CIA agent turned international criminal, who acquires a series of secret files detailing the illegal activities of several worldwide agencies.

The movie plagues on corruption and what people are willing to do to cover it up. The rate of blood and body count is quite high in this movie as both Reynolds and Denzel both having a high share.

Denzel’s acting was as usual, excellent and worth commending, not as grand as the one he pulled off as Eli in the movie "The Book of Eli", where he played a man who memorized the whole Bible, but better that the one in "Unstoppable" about the train.

Denzel any day is a good lead, and Ryan Reynolds was a good supporting cast, his performance was unbelievably good. It is one thing to be an actor it is another to be good at it, now I can comfortably say that Ryan Reynolds is good at it.
If you are expecting to see any comic relief from Reynolds sorry to disappoint you none was available. If you were expecting to see him display any macho man attitude sorry again that too was removed from the script.

Directed by Swedish director Daniel Espinosa, who did a grand job staging the fights, the shoot outs, the explosions and the car chases. Well, as I said above Safe House is an action packed thriller true and true.

Reynolds plays Matt Weston, a young CIA operative in charge of a safe house (a place to bring prisoners or witnesses to keep them safe) in Johannesburg South Africa. Been there over a year and has had no visitors.

Tobin Frost (Washington) checked into an American Consulate in South Africa, with a gang of gun-shooting thugs on his heels.

He's taken to the safe house under heavy guard to be interrogated.

The interrogation didn’t last long, as the gun-shooting thugs showed up and made Ryan’s boring life meaningful.

As far as scripts go, this could have been better I have to be honest, to me it felt more like an all out action film with little care on the way it goes.

Also the casting of the movie paid out, as all the actors seem to be well accustomed to their roles.

Go see it, if you don’t mind action films.


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