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Seeking Justice (2012)

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Seeking Justice


Nicolas Cage
Guy Pearce
January Jones

Directed by Roger Donaldson

Distributed by Anchor Bay Films

I have to be honest am not a Nicholas Cage fan, worse am not a Guy Pearce fan either. Put these two together and add produced by Tobey Maguire (Spiderman), you have a recipe waiting to be boycotted.

But funny the movie isn't half bad, not so great but as far as B-Movies go, it is okay.

Again Cage and Pearce prove that they are not the reasons to be going to the cinema, which I must add.

Let's look at this scene,
'Man finds out that wife was in the hospital, badly beaten up and she was raped, and all he did was stand there and look like Cage' don't know if that was a blame that should go to the actor or director Roger Donaldson who directed ' The Recruit and The Bank Job'. Or maybe we should blame the script, it may have not been added that when a man goes to the hospital to see his wife who has been badly beaten should at least ask what happened, because this guy didn't.

The movie is a proper B-Movie having all the classic B movie antics, well enough hating on the movie let's talk about what was right with the movie.

I wasn't bored.

It could have been better planed and the premise was just not it at all, but all in all it is a good way to kill time.

The story is simple, Will Gerard (Cage) is a high school teacher whose wife Laura (January Jones) got beaten and raped, while he was in school.

In the hospital, he was met by a man (Guy Pearce) who promised to handle the guy who did it all Cage had to do was to promise to do some other jobs for him when the time calls. Who agrees to that?

Cage did and it all turned out well for 6 months, till the guy (Guy Pearce) calls and asks for a favor, one thing led to another our school teacher is wanted for murder and that's all folks.

This is not the first movie cage is doing that is not worth paying for in he has done loads.

After The Sorcerer's Apprentice all the movie I have seen him in have been just chaotic, we had to see him will a sword in Season of the Witch, play a coming back from the grave guy in Drive Angry all of these have been not worth the time I spent seeing them.

After these two was the Hollywood Bomb Trespass with Nichole Kidman, a movie that cost over 30 million dollars and only raked in 4 million, and holds a 10% acceptance from critics and 22% from the audience in rotten tomatoe. I guess he hasn't found the click yet. This movie is not the best he can do but...

I look forward to his next movie Ghost Rider 2, hoping to have fun watching.


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