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Act of Valor (2012)

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Act of Valor


Roselyn Sánchez
Nestor Serrano
Emilio Rivera
U.S. Navy SEALs
U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen

Directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh

Distributed by Relativity Media

This movie runs for 100 minutes and more than 30 of those minutes are weird, inconclusive, unnecessary and not useful to the plot in anyway, just a waste of reel.

Maybe the plot could be better, but it wasn’t. I wonder how the movie would have played out if real actors were used. Sad thing is you have to sit through over an hour of child play acting, that I can boldly say I could have acted better.

Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh of Bandito Brothers Production, decided to use actual Navy Seals as their cast, which is the reason why the acting was that bad, the truth is a mule is a mule no matter how much you train it or dress it up if you take it to the race track it still won’t be able to meet up in pace with the real race horses. Same here, Navy Seals are Seals not actors.

In the area of cinematography, here I can say they started well good shots, till after a while they switched to a night view camera focus that looked like I was playing a video game. The thought that the director thought that was a good idea baffles me.

The movie lines are dull, and the only thing that would keep you from not sleeping off is the action that keeps happening, although to me they seem uncoordinated to some it may come out interesting.

The directors didn’t even try to breathe life into the movie; they just let it play out like in the days of Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren where you just keep watching and hope things just end well. The directors idea of how the heroic events should play out, didn’t go well with me, I have seen movies that tragedy struck.


Gladiator was one and it won an Oscar for it, this movie's act of heroism just seemed worthless.

It is not worth the watch so don’t bother, the plot goes, Islamic terrorist group (well one guy actually) wanted to blowup places in the USA and he got the guys to do it.
The NAVY seals went on a rescue mission to save a captured CIA agent and then stumbled on the above plan and so they then had to stop, the suicide bombers.

Which they did all they could to stop them, in conclusion you will have to take the risk of watching to find out if they succeeded, but I do advise you don’t bother.


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