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Meeting Evil (2012)

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Meeting Evil


Samuel L. Jackson
Leslie Bibb
Luke Wilson

Directed by Chris Fisher

Many a times we take chances to go see a movie just because we see the name of the cast or the name of the man behind the camera, sometimes we are happy we followed our guts to go see the movie other times we feel bad because the name we decided to go check out messes up, in this movie the names were just disappointing.

Well, what was I expecting from a movie directed by Chris Fisher?

Who was the guy behind the S. Darko (a sequel to Donnie Darko) which is one of the worse sequel ever made.

Don’t expect anything from this waste of reel, based on a novel (don’t quote me), but totally resembling Collateral (Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise) only less interesting, and less captivating. There is nothing to hold on to in this movie as one thing I liked. Since Samuel acted like he usually did when he is acting bad guys and Luke acted like he needed the money and was neither interested nor concerned about what was going on, I the viewer was left wondering if I can just run into the director and give him a slap.

Leslie Bibb (Zookeeper (2011) )actually acted better than both Samuel and Luke put together, and the plot is just as lame as they come, as it made Luke’s character look like a retard that will do anything you tell him.

There were some gore scenes in the movie, but it was few; so even if that was something the public wanted to see sorry go see SAW instead.

If you are a Samuel L. Jackson fan and will see anything he does, stay away from this miss hit. The plot says Samuel is a serial killer and Luke was supposed to be a victim and then turned apprentice (not that he didn’t try to escape) but the guys just acted like they were in it for the cash other than the sheer pleasure of working together. As the plot plays out we get drag down a boring road of killings and dull dialogues.

(Spoiler Alert)
If you think I haven’t finished in the plot sorry that’s it, Samuel goes killing and drags Luke with him and at the end the bad guy dies.

And I’m left to think, “So what else is new?”

In conclusion if you have not heard about this movie, I envy you and if you have not seen it, I wish I were you.


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