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Alien (1979)

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Alien (1979)


Tom Skerritt
Sigourney Weaver
Veronica Cartwright
Harry Dean Stanton
John Hurt
Ian Holm
Yaphet Kotto

Directed by Ridley Scott

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

The first Alien franchise I saw was resurrection in the 1997, and I always craved to see what led to it.

In 1979, with the aid of great cinematography Ridley Scott directed the first Alien film, and I have to be honest after you get over the first 50 minutes, the movie had all it takes to make you quiver. You may not appreciate the graphics but I can tell you one thing, they pulled it off.

Sigourney Weaver, I just have to say, what a classic actress she is, she made sure the facial expressions and the reactions were enough to make you the viewer just wish she quits already.

I have to give this movie thumbs up for execution, nice story build up all leading to the inevitable, an Alien on board the ship.

Ian Holm played Ash, which with the help of the editor, pulled off some classic film trick to convince you of his predicament.

The scenes that had the alien, had to be done with lighting and camera work to convince you of the threat. In this present day this is done with acting and the alien present introduced later on. The actors do a lot of work in the area of performance to convince you that they are scared of what they cannot see, of what will be CG included in post-production.

But back then the cinematographer and the director had to find a way to convince you that the figure you are seeing is threatening, what I have to say Ridley Scott did a fine job of.

The plot is simple, a crew is sent on a science exploration in space, they pick up a signal and divert to see what it was (they didn’t really want to but it was against their contract), only for one of the crew to get infected by an Alien, they bring him onboard to help him and all hell breaks loose.

The directing and the acting in this film is what gives it the nudge that more parts needed to be done and they were leading to a franchise that has lasted decades and even crossing over to the predator franchise.

If you are a fan of seeing things done back in the day, try this for size. If you are not…, they were ahead of their time with this one so you won’t feel taken for a ride.


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