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Men In Black II (2002)

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Men In Black II


Will Smith
Tommy Lee Jones

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Distributed by Columbia Pictures

The is no better way to prepare for Men in Black 3, than to watch all that led up to it, because before you can make a fair comparison judgment of all the movie in the franchise a fresh look has to be done.

So I decided to see Men In Black 2 again, I remember not liking it back then in 2002 and pretty much the feeling hasn’t changed. My main problem in the movie was the people that made part one what it is; agent Jay and agent Kay, portrayed by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones respectively, were like on screen but on hiatus, like we are here in flesh but don’t have an idea when our spirit is coming back

In the part of Will Smith I guess overacting was the problem, in part onethe new guy acting was far better than this pompous drag queen on the screen, and then Tommy was just not in the movie at all, he acted like as if he was bored and fed up with the suit.

The plot was dull and lacked vision it took all that was in me to see this movie through to the end, Aliens as usual were the problem in the story, there was a light that an alien named Serleena wanted, some other aliens which were in custody of the light came to hide it on earth, but were told to take it back. Then Serleena went after them, only to return to earth 25 years after when she found out that the light never left earth.

The graphics was bad I have to add that, really bad. The screenplay was awful as in why were the characters being suspended in the air to do some unimportant fighting moves that wasn’t going anywhere.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld went overboard with this one, but no matter what I say the movie was a commercial success and a Men in Black 3 is being made, and will be released in May 2012.

But I hope the idea of having a younger Kay, will be a plus not a minus.

All in all I have seen better movies and I tell you don’t watch this movie again if you have seen it before. And if you haven’t and you are like me trying to warm up for the new Men in Black 3, learn a lesson from my experience it is not worth it.


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