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Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows (2012)

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows


Robert Downey, Jr.
Jude Law
Noomi Rapace
Jared Harris
Stephen Fry
Kelly Reilly
Rachel McAdams

Directed by Guy Ritchie

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

One thing you have to love about “A Game Of Shadows” is the pitch which it starts. The touch of comedy makes it enticing to the eyes and ears. With over 2 hours of watch time, Holmes delivered a enough juice to keep you watching.

With a more like Jackie Chan fight scenes, lovely disguises by Holmes and it was fun to see the dynamic duo, battle together in a sheer masculine type male bonding, with Watson being the joker in every scene introducing jokes and fun as the plot untangles.

Holmes brother Mycoft was also introduced, as in the books Sherlock Holmes brother was more in touch with his power of observation than Sherlock himself. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made Holmes brother smarter and better than Holmes in his books the only different being he had more political ambition than Holmes and less interest in being a detective.

Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) is up against a criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) who is Holmes' intellectual equal. The story starts off with the death of the Crown Prince of Austria. Holmes deduces that the prince has been the victim Professor Moriarty.

Holmes goes after Moriarty, but always seems to be behind all that is going on. The two masterminds start a game of who will succeed; a game which Moriarty’s lack of conscience led to chaos and death.

The movie did have an initial face-off between the two major players Holmes and Moriarty, a face-off that was less exciting than I hoped.

No need to say anything about the acting, as it was the main steed in the movie as it rode hard and strong till it crossed the finish line in front. The acting was something extraordinary with good delivery of lines, wonderful facial expressions and grand gestures; making the actors more like the character they represent rather than being distant from the movie, what I'm saying in few words is the actors were the bomb.

The scenery was well crafted to fit and suit the screenplay which was a grand gesture of mastery. Directing must have been made easy for Guy Ritchie (who directed the first Sherlock Holmes) as the screenplay to me did the main task. The script and dialogue won’t bore you that’s for sure and the cat and mouse game of Holmes and Moriarty was good to watch.

The effects were great and the tragedy was endless as the collateral damage grew intensively in this movie. There was a scene that was like a war was going on.

The negative things about the movie has to be the way Ritchie made Holmes look like a clumsy mercenary, over using the slow motion theme and too much emphasis on guns.

At the end of this movie all i have to say to the producers is, "a little of all this in the next Sherlock Holmes please."

If like me you delayed in seeing this masterpiece, I advise you do so now before it gets away from the cinema if it hasn’t already.


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