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Armour of God 2 (1991)

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Armour of God 2 (Operation Condor) (1991)


Jackie Chan
Carol Cheng
Eva Cobo de Garcia
Shoko Ikeda

Directed by Jackie Chan

Distributed by Golden Harvest, Media Asia and Dimension Films

After the success of the first movie, a second part was created in 1991 and had a theatrical release in the US in 1997.

The movie was better and more interesting than the previous part, the story line was more basic and straight forward, and the screenplay was humorous and thrilling. There were more stunts and more effects in this one than the first. Armour of God the first part was a hit with one girl on Jackie’s trail and another being saved.

In this part we have two girls on his trail, and another was met along the way, I guess the producers were, “If two girls can make this much money, what will three girls bring…” well they brought in the cash as Armour of God part two was a success.

There is a rumor that a part three was going to be made at one time, but I guess that is what it is a rumor.
The tale of this flick goes thus; Jackie is hired to find World War II Nazi gold hidden in the Sahara desert.

He teams up with three misfit ladies, and they head out to Africa to find it, on their way they stopped over at a hotel where the manager is more interested in cash than anything else, they are followed by two guys who could pass as the three stooges without a Moo.

Then add to the twist mercenaries who are ready to kill anyone who gets in their way as they too want the gold.

The movie is funny as the makers focused more on humor,and the screenplay is one that is worth dipping the hat for.

The cinematography is what kills me in this movie as I keep on wondering how many cameras were being used to shoot the movie many trick angle shots were present. In the desert there are shots that are quite interesting to see, as this movie was shot in 1991 and all I can say is well done Jackie.

All in all, the two sets of Armour of God are movies that any Jackie Chan lover will enjoy, so take a sip of it, and savor the taste.

In December 2012 a Chinese movie starring Jackie Chan CZ12 or better known Chinese Zodiac became a third part in the Armour of God series. It (CZ12)also earned Jackie Chan two Guinness World Records: "Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor" and "Most Credits in One Movie".


  1. i never knew operation condo was the part 2 of the armor of God o but it was so funnnnnnnnnnny!!!
    as in, its one of my best jackie's movies cos i just kept laughing and was repeating the lines with ibk
    i tagged you for the liebster award cos i love your blog.
    when you visit my blog, you'll see it there with the rules and all of that
    take kia!

  2. It was one of Jackie's finest no doubt. Will visit your blog to see what the rules are about