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The Raven (2012)

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The Raven


John Cusack
Alice Eve
Brendan Gleeson
Luke Evans

Directed by James McTeigue

Distributed by Rogue

The best way to say this is that, The Raven was an okay thriller that will not bore you to sleep nor leave you fascinated. I will not tag this movie a success, or the best I have seen John Cusack in, but you may want to miss this.

The Raven to me made a mockery of an already sad tale, Edgar Poe was not a successful poet and was a drunk, but the movie made him look more pathetic as it linked his life and death to a series of events that he somehow had a hand in. The movie script is plain and weak to be considered a good work and far from a masterpiece.

The Raven is meant to depict the life of Poe after his fame for the poetry of “The Raven”, which didn't bring any financial revenue to him. While the plot of the film is fictional, the writers based it on some accounts of real situations surrounding Edgar Allan Poe's mysterious death.

The plot focuses on the life of Poe (John Cusack), whose life has been drenched with negativity and death, that all his writings and story all have death and gloom all over it. But later he encounters Emily (Alice Eve), who becomes a light in his dark world.
But all around him people start to die, in a way similar to what he depicts in his writings, now he and the police have to catch the killer as his light (Emily) has been kidnapped by him.

Director James McTeigue, who made his directorial debut with the masterpiece V for Vendetta (2005), did not leave a mark of greatness in this movie, as the movie lacks any memorable moment at all.

John Cusack to me is not a fascinating actor, as his style of acting is similar in all his roles. Whenever he acts, he looks like the same guy but different scripts. Other actors didn’t impress me either.

Luke Evans, was not also impressive in this movie I blame the script and the director for that, but we will get a better view of Luke in the upcoming Peter Jackson Hobbit Trilogy (he is billed to be in the second and third part of the trilogy) and Fast and Furious 6. Alice Eve spent half her time in a box so we don’t get to see more of this actress in this movie, so if you want to enjoy seeing Eve, check her out in the 2010 movie She's Out of My League, a fun movie.


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