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V for Vendetta (2005)

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V for Vendetta (2005)


Hugo Weaving
Natalie Portman
Stephen Rea

Directed by James McTeigue

V for Vendetta is a cult classic, a movie that I never get tired of seeing, I get a regular dosage of V’s antiheroes journey to bring freedom back to the people as much as I can; a journey that I always cheer him on wishing that the end was not so tragically inclined.
With excellent filming and cinematography (the cinematography was done by the late Adrian Biddle who died before the films initial release), V for Vendetta contained one of the best dialogues I have heard in movies in years, and the scene where he was going to kill the Bishop, where we see V jump on/off the roof in a slow motion video take, was so masterful and it stays in my mind as the best scene in the movie, the second standing out scene is the introduction of V himself when he first met Evey Hammond.

The movie is an adaptation of Alan Moore's V for Vendetta 10 issue comic published by Vertigo, which is based on the life of a man V, who was disfigured by some top government officials who used people who were different, either by race, homophobia behavior or character as guinea pigs to test biological weapons, only one man survived this test, but he was deformed physically and mentally, becoming very smart/intelligent, very strong and fast; this man V went after the government and those who were responsible for his current predicament. The movie has the same foundational plot as the comic, with Hugo Weaving playing V, Natalie Portman playing Evey his protégée and Stephen Rea plays detective Finch.

There are many differences between the movie and the comic; like Evey, in the comic she is an insecure prostitute while here she is a confident young woman. V on the other hand who is portrayed here in this movie as a man with some human emotions and with a romantic link with Evey, in the comic no such romantic link exist and V is very ruthless and violent with no such humanize emotion existing.
Also Finch was a diehard get V man not a man who became soft and believed him.

The screen play to this movie was done by the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix Trilogy). Who then did some comparison with V’s life and that of Edmond Dantes in the book/movie The Count of Monte Cristo; Edmond also broke out from prison and plotted his revenge on those behind his imprisonment for years before finally sticking out.

Moore who has been disappointed with two previous film adaptations of two of his other comics, From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, felt this was also going to be a flop but it was an average financial success and was critically accepted holding a 73% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hugo Weaving played V in this Wachowski special he played Agent Smith in their Matrix Trilogy. This is a great movie talking dealing with issues of homosexuality, criticism of religion, totalitarianism, Islamophobia and terrorism and a must watch for all.


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