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Looper (2012)

Looper (2012)


Bruce Willis
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Emily Blunt

Directed by Rian Johnson

Looper has got loose ends and loops here and there, but Rian Johnson found a way to make simple a time travel movie without too much time travel back and forth.

Looper was written and directed by Rian Johnson who teamed up with producer Ram Bergman, who produced Johnson's previous two films; it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, Levitt was a co-star in the movie Inception which had a story around travelling into the mind of people and Willis himself has had a taste of time travel with his movie 12 Monkeys in 1995.

For me the reason I will advise anyone to see this movie will be the intrigue this movie delivers, from a story arc that curves around selfish ambitions. Johnson’s version of the future in 2044 is also something you will like to see, with 10 percent of the world possessing the power of tele-kinetics, all morals gone out the window and an economic meltdown the world was in chaos.

The story curves around two different times 2044 and 2074, in 2074 time travel is invented but illegal. Due to the fact that everyone is tagged in the future it was nearly impossible to commit murder, so the Mob had to find a way to get rid of people that they didn’t want.

The mob uses the time travel invention which is illegal to send men they don’t want to the past to be killed, the assassins that do the killings are called Loopers.

The job of a looper has a twist, after a while the Mob closes the loop on the looper by sending him a man to kill who happens to be himself 30 years from 2044. Now that is where the movie gets tricky.
2044 has two Joes, Young Joe from 2044 (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Old Joe from 2074 (Bruce Willis) which young Joe failed to kill although he tried.

Although Looper slacks in the area of the story itself, the character Cid is a little too psycho to be believable, i have heard of kids being temperamental but this kid is ridiculous, but the movie is fun to see as it shows us that future may not be all that great if we all don't shape up.

The directing is top notch, the special effects are not so much in the high side and you can boast that you have seen better child actors, but hey! You will enjoy the time spent watching this thriller.


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