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Mad Max (1979)

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Mad Max (1979)


Mel Gibson
Steve Bisley
Joanne Samuel
Hugh Keays-Byrn

Directed by George Miller

Distributed by Village Roadshow Pictures

This is one fun captivating movie that you will enjoy. Young Mel Gibson never looked so good and the world in which the movie was based was sit glue-ing.

Mad Maxis a 1979 Australian dystopic action film and it was Mel Gibson breakthrough movie done by George Miller. Before this movie Mel Gibson had only acted in 3 other movies, one was named TIM which he won an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in.

MAD MAX was based on the traditional western genre, telling the story of a broken down society and it became a top-grossing Australian film.

The movie maker George Miller was a medical doctor and amateur filmmaker Byron Kennedy, met in 1971 at a summer film camp, they worked together in producing the Mad Max movie 8 years after meeting. Miller and Kennedy scrambled for the budget and due to the film's low budget; they could only afford to give Gibson a real leather jacket and pants.

The movie plot is based around love and revenge. In a dystopic Australia, after the Earth's oil supplies were nearly exhausted, the world started to break down due to energy shortages and people running amiss doing as they like.

A motorcycle gang member named Crawford "Nightrider" Montizano escaped police custody and is attempting to outrun the Main Force Patrol (MFP).

He was successful in eluding his initial pursuers, but the call was made to the MFP's top pursuit man, Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) who then chases down the gang member and engages the less-skilled Nightrider in a high-speed chase.

During the chase Nightrider was involved in an auto crash resulting to his death.

His gang members return to town led by Toecutter (Hugh Keays-Byrne) and Bubba Zanetti (Geoff Parry). They were seeking for who was involved in his death when they decided to vandalise some property to steal fuel, they chased down a couple whom the raped in the process one of their member Johnny (Tim Burns) was too drunk to ride and was left behind. Max and Goose (Steve Bisley) show up arrest Johnny. Then he was later released since there was no evidence.

The gang now bent on revenge, decide to take Goose and Max on, which lead to death on various levels.

The acting the cinematography of Mad Max is something that Miller and Kennedy did a good job on based their budget. Miller still went ahead to make great movies like Babe, Happy feet and the sequels of both films.

Mad Max is fun and captivating and worth watching.


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