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Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

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Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)


Milla Jovovich
Michelle Rodriguez
Kevin Durand
Sienna Guillory

Directed by Paul W. S Anderson

Distributed by Screen Gems

The whole Alice thing and new creatures to wipe out with eye pleasing stunts is starting to get very old, not to add boring.

This is the fifth installment in this film series and the third to be directed by Paul W. S. Anderson who also wrote the movie. It features various cast from the old movies like Sienna Guillory (Jill Valentine), Boris Kodjoe (Luther West) and Michelle Rodriguez who played Rain Ocampo in the first film.

Retribution also brings back the red queen from the first resident evil, but her must kill attitude makes you wish someone will just put a sock in it. The thing is if you want to enjoy this movie, live your brains at home, and if you are like some (eg me) who finds it impossible to do so, then strap in for a gun fight, hand to hand combat all for apparently no reason.

The high note in this film will be Alice; I never get to have enough of Milla Jovovich’s portrayal of the character.

The movie’s story sees Alice (Milla Jovovich) captured by the Umbrella Corporation. She now has to escape from an underwater base in the Arctic Circle, used for testing the T-virus.

Rodriguez and Guillory were very much in par with Jovovich’s acting and the fight scene between Guillory (Jill) and Jovovich (Alice) was too long, and it was said to have involved more than 200 moves. Directing is no way near perfection; the sad thing is a sixth movie is also being planned.

The slow motion and matrix effects were over used and not necessary in some scenes, other slacks were in editing we had scenes taking too long.

Anderson and Jovovich also worked together in the movie The Three Musketeers (2011).

If you are planning to go watch this movie, you can but just leave your brain at home.


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