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Some Like It Hot (1959)

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Some Like It Hot (1959)


Marilyn Monroe
Tony Curtis
Jack Lemmon

Directed by Billy Wilder

Distributed by United Artists

I haven’t seen a more perfect comedy and cast than this in a while.

Watching this in 2012 and I still find myself laughing my heads off. Thinking, “So this is comedy cross-dressing is supposed to be.” (that is looking at you Big Momma and Tyler Perry)

Ranked as the greatest American comedy by AFI (as at Oct 2012), the movie is a remake of a 1935 French movie, Fanfare d'Amour and was meant to be shot in color but as the makeup of both Curtis and Lemmon was obvious it was then shot in black and white.

Marilyn Monroe can carve a M in to a rock with her smile and her acting is so well done that you are intrigued to see her anytime. Monroe is known mostly as a sex icon, and this movie assisted in such claims as the dresses she wore were more too seductive to be classified as funny. To say she had the movie by the balls will be a statement men will agree to, when they are watching this flick.

The plot is about two male musicians who will do absolutely anything for money as they are constantly broke. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time and witness a mobster performing his “executionary” duties. This made them run off while being shot at.

To hide from their pending death, they took a job as musicians in an all-girl band. So to fit in they shaved their legs, wore makeup and wore a dress to pass as women.

But things took a turn for the worse when Marilyn Monroe strolled by.

The film was awarded an Academy Award for Best Costume Design. It also won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Comedy. Marilyn Monroe won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in Musical or Comedy, and Jack Lemmon for Best Actor in Musical or Comedy.

Billy Wilder the director is one of only five people to have won Academy Awards as producer, director, and writer for the same film (The Apartment). Tony Curtis has been in over a 100 films and he is the father of actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

Lemmon is popular in these days as the actor in the movie Odd Couple.

Some Like It Hot, is a movie I advise you watch over and over again. Like the last line of the movie goes “Nobody is perfect” I say I’m not the perfect comedy judge but I wanna know if you agree with me.


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