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Superman Vs The Elite (2012)

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Superman Vs The Elite (2012)


Starring the voice of
George Newbern
Pauley Perrette
Robin Atkin Downes
David Kaufman

Directed by Michael Chang

Distributed by Warner Home Video

Superman All Star was a waste of time for me, I didn’t enjoy the moments spent watching it; maybe that is why I enjoyed this one. A step up in the area of story compared to All-Star and a step down in the area animation.

Director Michael Chang, made good use of the time, as we see the dark side of being a hero, this movie mixes it all up, politics, economy and then people’s opinion.

It is easy to kill the bad guys once and for all, but Sup believes everyone deserves a fair trial, this belief leads to some of the villains breaking out of their holding cell or get released from jail and innocent people die as a result.

That is my view, but that doesn’t warrant anybody to go kill anyone. Killing means stooping to the levels of the villains, there must be a better way. That is Sups story. 

The Elite from England had a different perspective to this a view many share, a view that means if you are bad you are going down (down as in six feet under, dead). This led to the death of terrorists, villains and world leaders.

Now looking at their view from a magnifying glass makes you wonder is violence the only answer?
Is death the only option out?

The movie deals with all this issues and never letting go of the fact that Superman is a goody goody. At one time Sup and the Elite were a team. When the truth of the Elite was exposed to Sup via Lois, the Elite and Sup drew a line and battle began.

There in Metropolis the battle raged and it looked like Sup had gone rogue, as cars were flying here and there destruction in every corner, all being done by Sup himself, as he decides to show the Elite what it means to dish out fire for fire.

Other than the fighting and the destruction (which were cool if I may add), the movie lacked a good story to link you from point A to B.

Why they decided to settle for that mediocre animation is also something that is worth thinking about, the animation made me want to puke, I just never got use to it as the time passed.

Is this a good deal? Well the choice is yours, you will like this flick if…and only if, you are a fan of the man in tights.


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