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Casablanca (1942)

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Casablanca (1942)


Humphrey Bogart
Ingrid Bergman
Paul Henreid

Directed by Michael Curtiz

Here is a movie that has always found a way to remain in the top of the lists when it comes to the best movies ever done.

Casablanca crosses the genre of drama and romance, the acting was top notch and the movie’s screenplays were so well done, that you will be torn in two for Lily. Humphrey Bogart (Rick) was the perfect prince charming, and also a hero in all ways including love.

Done in 1942 Casablanca is based on an unproduced play named “Everybody Comes to Rick's” by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison.

The movies ending is one that I love and is something you can skip back to watch again, the dramatic scene, which showed sacrifice, love and suspense. The twist at the end is something the producers would have slipped in to catch the audience off guard, something I enjoyed.

Casablanca’s lines (“Here is looking at you kid” and “This Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”) have remained on the lips of many and it has fondly been repeated in more movies than I can bet the producers would have even dreamt.

So what is this great movie about?

Casablanca’s plot is set during the early years of World War 2, In Casablanca (Morocco) the is a man named Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) who owns the most popular handout spot in Casablanca, he had everything under control and he even had influence on the police. Everything was fine till the past came knocking.

Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman) an old lover of Rick shows up at Rick’s nightclub and sparks were sent flying in both ways, as they lost contact (Ilsa’s fault) without any explanations.

Ilsa is not alone, with her is her husband Victor Laszlo (Paul Henereid) who is a renowned fugitive Czech Resistance leader.

The couple needs letters to escape to America, letters only Rick can give. So Rick is in a dilemma to help the woman he loves escape with her husband or keep her in Casablanca.

Nominated for eight (8) Academy Awards, Casablanca went home with 3, Best Picture, Best director and Best writing screenplay, Casablanca is a commercial success and has a strong cult following, which has disturbed any plans for a sequel and also the colorization of the movie.

The movie cinematography was done by the cinematographer of the movie Frankenstein (1931), who made sure that any time we get to see Bergman her eyes sparkled.

Here is a movie, AFI has ranked the 3rd greatest of all time in their AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition). I advise you get a taste of Casablanca, an iconic movie that sets the trend of what a true romantic movie should be about.


  1. Plot summary, trivia, and nonsensical observations do not equal film criticism.

  2. May I have permission to link your this posting to my blog post article I am going to be doing soon, it is a look as to why Classic Romance Movies stay classic and never tire vs. how Romance movies nowadays seem to be a fleeting glimpse in the wind. This posting gives a bit of background info that people might like to see about the movie itself. Thank you for your time.