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High Noon (1952)

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High Noon (1952)


Gary Cooper
Grace Kelly
Katy Jurado
Eve McVeagh

Directed by Fred Zinnermann

Not the conventional John Wayne good guy proving to be higher than all, but a movie that portrays what life really is; you can’t do everything by yourself you need the help of others.

High Noon stars Gary Cooper and it was a subject of controversy at its time of release, with people deeming the protagonist behavior as un-American. But no matter what they all say High Noon has been a White House favorite, Bill Clinton cited High Noon as his favourite film ever and during his tenor he screened it 17 times at the White House.

This 1952 American Western movie is ranked 27th on the American Film Institute's 100 movies.... 100 Years, Gary Cooper the lead, was actually like 30 years older than Grace Kelly who played his wife in the movie. High Noon is not filled with the regular violence, shooting, riding and chase that most western films are known for except for the ending that is where the shooting finally took place.

The movie plot is about the battle of a man, who had to carry the load of a town alone. Will Kane (Gary Cooper) is the marshal of Hadleyville and he just got married to a pacifist Quaker Amy Fowler (Grace Kelly) and he planned to turn in his badge and go on a honey moon with his wife and start life elsewhere.

But things changed when he learnt that the train that is coming to take him out of Hadleyville at 12pm is bring along with it Frank Miller (Ian MacDonald), who has been a form of a terrorist to the towns folks and a criminal which Kane took down a while back.

Frank Miller had been sentenced to death by hanging but was pardoned, so he was riding back to the town where he got convicted to strike the cord of revenge on Kane.

Kane now picks up the badge and decides to stay till Miller comes around so as to see what his plans are, because waiting for Miller’s arrival is 3 of his gang men which Kane saw as a sign of upcoming trouble.

The movie is about the difficulty Kane faced trying to raise a team of deputies to help face Miller and his boys should in case trouble arises.

High Noon won 4 Academy Awards which included Best Actor in a Leading Role for Gary Cooper which was received for him by John Wayne who disliked the film, and has been noted to have said that his movie Rio Bravo was done as a response to High Noon.

The movie director Fred Zinnermann who is known for his attention details, has won two Academy Awards for directing for the movies From Here to Eternity and A Man for All Seasons.

High Noon is not your conventional westerns but it is a classic all the way, so there is no reason to see what AFI calls the 2nd best western movie.


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