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Leon The Professional (1994)

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Leon: The Professional (1994)


Jean Reno
Natalie Portman
Gary Oldman

Directed by Luc Besson

This is Natalie Portman’s first feature film, her acting and professionalism showed she was a natural and you will not be able to tell. Leon the professional is an intense action/violence film that involves two souls that differ in age and view of life. It delivers an exciting screenplay, wonderful performance by both leads and the eventual climatic ending. Even though it seem mostly likely the movie will end the way it did, the way Luc Besson pulled it off was eventful enough for you to respect Leon (the hit man) as truly a professional.

Luc Besson is the man behind the movies Taken (2008) and Taken 2 (2012), and this movie is an extension of a movie that he did in 1990 titled Nikita which also starred Jean Reno.

Leon the professional was done in 1994 and directed by Luc Besson and it was met with favorable reviews, although disturbing as it may seeing a young child like Portman in such a situation as her character found herself.

The movie plot is about a hit man named Leon (Jean Reno), who didn’t know how to read or write but what he knew he knew well he was a killer and the best at it.

Leon’s path crossed with one little girl who lived in an apartment some rooms from his, he took a caring into her and tried to help her when he can. Her name is Matilda (Natalie Portman) who living with her father, brother, step mom and step sister.

Matilda is always getting a regular biting from her father which made Leon take pity on her, she saw this pity as love and the little 12 year old decided to run an errand for Leon, when she gets back her whole family has been murdered and the killers were still about.

Here is my favorite scene in the movie, when Matilda sees her family dead she walks past the men with the guns, didn’t start screaming goes to Leon’s door, her back turned to the gun men and pressed the bell, praying hard that Leon will just let her in, the moment Leon opened the door, his life changed forever.

Another thing to look out for is Gary Oldman, his performance in this movie is worth talking about as it was one worth his pay.

This tragic thriller, revolves around a love between two people not meant for each other, their involvement with each other brought death to the life of many.

Leon is a nice film, something that you will enjoy, no pedophilia is in this movie mind you, so fear not and go see it.


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