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Father of The Bride (1991)

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Father of the Bride (1991)


Steve Martin
Diane Keaton

Directed by Charles Shyer

All smiles no wrinkles, Father of the Bride 1991 remake of the 1950 movie of the same name, is a movie that touches every area of the heart, making you smile all the way through, as you look forward to giving your own child away.

The cast brings warmth, the combination and ploy done by George Banks (Steve Martin) who can arguably be regarded as the cheapest man alive, were all too funny to make you turn away. After seeing this movie at a young age I couldn’t wait to get another dose of it again, hunting down the DVD so as to see George, Frank (Martin Short) and Nina (Diane Keaton) plan a perfect wedding to give their beautiful daughter away.

My sight for sore eyes in this flick is the beautiful wedding sneakers that George made for his daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams) just before her wedding. This movie can be said to be the best comedy that Steve Martin pulled, it is all cheers for you and the family.

The movie plot is a narration from George Banks to us the viewers about the things that led to his daughter’s wedding. George is a successful owner of an athletic shoe company; he hasn’t seen his daughter (Annie) for a while since she went to Europe so he eagerly awaits her arrival from Rome. Annie’s arrival came with a surprise; she is engaged to be married to a certain Bryan Mackenzie (George Newbern).

George who stills see’s Annie as his little girl was finding it hard to cope with the fact that his little girl was about to be a woman. To make matters worse he also has to pay for a flamboyant wedding that he did not plan for. George being extremely cheap now starts to think of ways to cut cost, and with the whole wedding plan all going on around him, George was in line for a nervous breakdown.

Father of the bride was the breakthrough role for Kimberly Williams, and it was a revival for Keaton who has been having flops after flops for years affecting her relationship with Disney, who didn’t want to cast her in this movie in the first place.

Father of the bride is both a critical and financial success, it currently holds a 72% approval rating on the aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes and it spawned a sequel Father of The Bride 2 in 1995.

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