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Grumpier Old Men (1995)

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Grumpier Old Men (1995)


Jack Lemmon
Walter Matthau
Ann Margret
Sophia Loren
Burgess Meredith

Directed by Howard Deutch

After the fun of watching Lemmon and Matthau act like kids for less than 2 hours (i.e. from the first movie) I was satisfied, but then due to the success of the first movie the producers decided to give it another twirl, this time the story had the two starting off as friends thanks to the incidents that happened in the ending of the first film, but then some really really idiotic stupid reason, they were at it again.

The movie was not funny as it was like a replay of the first, same pranks, similar plot and screenplay made this movie a waste of time. After getting a mate for John, they (the producers) decided to get a mate for Max, with nothing to write home about but a lame script that just showed no finesse or true plan, just the producers hoping to bank on the success of the previous movie.

The main disappointment in the movie for me was Sophia Loren; her acting was just too weak for me to understand that she is a star. Everybody else in the movie even Burgess Meredith (who had Alzheimer's disease and this was his last motion picture appearance) was impressive, at least that I can give them.
The movie is directed this time by Howard Deutch, who later worked with the duo in 1998 for Odd Couple II, Deutch other movies also have not been well received like Getting Even with Dad (1994) and The Whole Ten Yards (2004), which are basically the reason why I will not bother seeing My Best Friend’s Girl.

The movie plot carries on 6 months after the incidents of the first, where both John (Lemmon) and Max (Matthau) were getting prepared for the wedding of their children. Then a new arrival in town a beautiful lady by the name of Maria Ragetti (Sophia Loren) came in to change things by turning the towns bait shop to a restaurant.

John and Max join forces to try and run the new lady out of town, but the issues between John and Max’s children marriage plan caused both to reignite their feud as both refused to believe that their child was at fault.

Only the ladies are alive till today (February 2013), as both Lemmon and Matthau died like half a decade after this movie release. Grumpier Old Men was a box office success in its own part, but a huge critical disappointment, as the movie cost 10 million dollars less than its predecessor and made like a million more in the box office.

After you have seen the first there is basically no point why you should bother seeing this one, because it will stand in my mind as one movie I credit as a waste of time and talent.


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