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Grumpy Old Men (1993)

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Grumpy Old Men (1993)


Jack Lemmon
Walter Matthau
Burgess Meredith

Directed by Donald Petrie

This movie is very cheerful and delivers a subtle family comedy for all to see, many fun pairing of both Lemmon and Matthau are available, my favorite has always been Odd Couple '68, this 1993 pairing will fall under my top 3 pairing of both actors.

This is the sixth film to star both Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau and one of the coolest as both actors were at their best, and they delivered the laughs. The thing that got to me in this movie is the way men in their 70s behaved like children, playing tricks on one another and even coming up with some that I have never thought off. This romantic comedy also stared Ann Margret, and her acting was fun to see as I have no recollection of seeing her in any other movie and seeing her here was a nice introduction for me.

Grumpy Old Men is directed by Donald Petrie who is the man behind the 1994 movie Ritchie Rich and my worse movie ever in 2003 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.

The movie plot is about two old friends/rivals Max (Walter Matthau) and John (Jack Lemmon), both retired and spend majority of their adult life playing tricks on one another.

Things changed in their small town when college professor Ariel Truax (Ann Margret) moved into a house opposite theirs, her happy demeanor and joyful outlook, made her the talk of the town and soon Max and John took a liken into her and their old time feud continued as both tried to get the girl.

The movie is fun and funny and was recognized by the American Film Institute, as it got a nomination in the AFI's 100 Years... 100 Laughs. The next movie that both were in after this series (i.e. after 1995 Grumpier Old Men) was Out to Sea, which was not well received by critics, but I have seen the movie and I can tell you it is not as bad as critics make it to be, it was funny and delightful.

Grumpy Old Men was followed by Grumpier Old Men two years after in 1995, another old female icon Sophia Loren was introduced into the mix of Lemmon and Matthau, whose acting was not as grand as that of Ann Margret if I may say so. This movie had a mere positive reception from critics and it also was a mild box office success.


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