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It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)

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It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)


Sid Caesar
Edie Adams
Mickey Rooney
Spencer Tracy

Directed by Stanley Kramer

I like this movie for one thing; it is definite that when you are done watching you will walk away with some scenes glued to your mind. The idiotic dialogue and the way the characters are made to be so greedy that it seemed too out of place that a group of people with such insatiable greed will ever meet. But in “It’s a mad mad mad mad world”, they did meet and these people did everything within their power to make sure that they get to the money first before the other party.

Getting an all-round comic cast, with numerous cameos from stars like Buster Keaton, Jerry Lewis, and others, must have been a mountain climb for producer and director Stanley Kramer, who got the script idea from William Rose, whose initial idea was first based on a bunch of characters in Scotland, but Kramer later pushed for the movie to have an American setting. The movie’s name changed from Something a Little Less Serious to Damn Thing After Another and then it was named It's a Mad World gotten from a 1605 comedy Titled A Mad World, My Masters. It was later on during production that the pair (Rose and Kramer) added two more Mads, to the movie title.

The movie plot was about a man (who was wanted by the police for robbery) who had a nasty car accident and in his final words told complete strangers who gathered to help that there is $ 350,000 buried “under a big W” in Santa Rosita State Park in Santa Rosita Beach. With this information the group at first tried to see if they could share the money equally but after 17 different sharing scenarios and no one agreeing, everyman set off on his own to go claim the money for himself. The main star in the movie is Spencer Tracy who played Captain T. G. Culpeper.

The scenes that were glued to my mind in this movie were the scene where Dingy and Benjy were stuck in an airplane, and they had to pilot it because the real pilot was drunk and got knocked out (by leaving the steering stick of the plane to get a drink). The other scene that stood out or got glued to my mind is the scene where couple Melville and Monica got trapped in a hardware store and Melville ended up wrecking the place all in failed attempts to get out.

Here is a movie that I can bet you if you do get to watch, you will like and you will come to love the dialogue. One thing though the movie is known for its length it is over 2 hours 30 minutes long but for me, it was worth the fun.


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