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Lincoln (2012)

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Lincoln (2012)


Daniel Day-Lewis
Sally Field
David Strathairn
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Lincoln is wonderful and Daniel Day-Lewis performance in this movie is worth his academy award nomination as Best Actor, Day-Lewis has twice won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the movies My Left Foot in 1989 and There Will Be Blood in 2007.

Steven Spielberg put his mastery directing skills to work in this future classic, he also produced the movie. This movie shows the final moments of Abe Lincoln in office as the president of the United States. At that time the country was at war and at the very edge of change, Lincoln was in the driving sit against all oppositions to end the war and bring an end to slavery. The movie also depicts the steps taken by Lincoln and his party to get others at their side so as to win the necessary votes needed to end slavery.

I did enjoy Daniel’s portrayal, his voice and also his movements. Spielberg didn’t fail to add the aspect of Lincoln story telling into this movie, as we get to hear many of his stories as he used them to pass his message across.

This movie is very great and wonderful, and I’m glad I got to see it. I’m not an American never had it in mind to be one, but the singular act by Lincoln abolished slavery and made it possible for the Negro race to be seen as equal, although years of more battles and more assassinations led to the freedom that we see today, down to the point that a Black Man is now the President of America and he even won a second term in office.

For historical purposes, this movie did have its inaccuracies but not withstanding it is a nice documentary drama for those who want to know the battles that engaged when Lincoln was trying to end the war, from the battles at the war front, to the one at the senate and then not to mentions Lincoln's battle at home, here is a movie to see.

Did I enjoy this movie? Yes I did, but if you are not into history nor documentary you may find this movie a bore; Lincoln is a critical and commercial successful movie and it is one for the record books that I am sure of.

After seeing Silver Lining Playbook I believed that none could match up to what Bradley Cooper delivered, but this acting by Daniel Day-Lewis matches up to it and even surpasses it from my view, so my Oscar winner for Best Actor should be Day-Lewis.


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