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Parker (2013)

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Parker (2013)


Jason Statham
Jennifer Lopez

Directed by Taylor Hackford

If you have close to 2 hours to spare try reading a book (not the book this movie is based on), or taking a nap because Taylor Hackford owes me my time and money back for making me think this was a movie worth watching. What I can advise any intending watcher is to Google the spoiler, watch an extended preview of the movie then move on with your life, because there is nothing to see here.

The movie drags, it is sloppy and it is amazing that pointless situations and acts that feature in this movie could drag for such a lengthy period. I think some directors and studios have a wish list of doing a movie with Jason Statham, because that will explain all the action anti-hero movie he has been doing that aren’t worth your time. The only good thing in the movie and I’m surprised to be saying this is Jennifer Lopez, she was the only thing that made sense and her acting and comedy addition to this flick was impressive.

Taylor Hackford (Ray (2004) and The Devil’s Advocate (1997)) directing skills is not in question in this flick, it is the story and the plot that takes you by storm on how dumb and boring it is for an action film. The movie plot is about a man named Parker (Jason Statham), I’m pretty sure you would have guessed that. Parker is a professional thief with morals as he doesn’t steal from the poor or hurt the innocent. He was sent on a five-man job that was successful, the leader of the five-man crew asked Parker to go further with another plan that will earn them millions. Parker’s refusal to go ahead with their plan led to him being shot and left for dead at a lake. But Parker survived (miraculously) and started to plan his revenge.

During his tracking down of the men that betrayed him, he came across Leslie Rogers (Jennifer Lopez) and she somehow got involved in his plan for revenge.

The movie is based on a book called Flashfire, and most definitely I may not be reading this book in the near future. Whacky as it is, Parker makes you wish you can rewind time and undo watching the movie because even at the end of the movie, I was unhappy that the hero survived.

My conclusion is there is a better way to waste your time, other than watching this movie.


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