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Warm Bodies (2013)

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Warm Bodies (2013)


Nicholas Hoult
Theresa Palmer

Directed by Jonathan Levine

Warm Bodies is a beauty and the beast love story crossed with the typical zombie horror flick. The movie’s pace is well done and the movie itself is well directed by the director of the 2011 drama 50/50, Jonathan Levin. He also wrote the screenplay, which he based on a 2010 novel of the same name (Warm Bodies) by Isaac Marion.

The acting in the movie is glamorous, from both the humans and the zombies, and I did enjoy the makeup effect on the lead as he starts to morph from a zombie to a human. The movies use of humor is well timed and arranged as it is clever, when you feel it is getting a little too serious, out of nowhere jumps a comic line that lightens the mood. The other thing that you will enjoy is the Romeo and Juliet references that the director made sure were present and obvious, as the lead characters name is R which I believe R for Romeo and his love interest is named Julie which I believe is in reference to Juliet.

The thing that attracted me to this movie in the first place was the new idea of how the movie is viewed from the zombie’s point of view; we also get to hear his thoughts as he goes through life being an undead.

Set in a post apocalypse era, Warm Bodies is more about open mindedness, the ability to accept that others can change. The movie is more of a romantic drama than it is about humans going all Resident Evil on Zombies.

The plot is about an unusual zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) who developed human emotions and craved for more. The humans during this post apocalypse era lived a barricade life away from zombies who have practically taking over the world. Part of the human settlement went out to get some supplies, during that time they were ambushed by zombies, there R saw Julie (Teresa Palmer) and fell for her.

He then saved her from the others and made her stay with him during which more emotional attachment developed between the two till she had to go back to her people. But something new started among the zombies, that one act by R caused a revolution.

The movies score jumped out at me as being bad though, that is from my view. The movie is cool, and the humor is really well timed and this is a movie that I can comfortably advise that you should see.


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