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Identity Thief (2013)

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Identity Thief (2013)


Melissa McCarthy
Jason Bateman

Directed by Seth Gordob

Identity Theft is a movie that you will probably struggle watching, as the makers got carried away a little and forgot that this is supposed to be a comedy drama and focused more on the drama and let the comedy slide. It slid to a point that the movie starts to become boring and it seems to be dragging at all times.

When you are watching a movie that show cases some bogus scenes claiming to be reality, and then you drag this movie in the direction of drama, all you have is a movie that seems to have missed the mark more than it planned to be.

The leads in the movie Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman did their best that I have to say, with a story that seem to be baseless. These two put in their best especially Bateman, who was able to pull off a man who was totally ignorant of what life on the other side of the law was. The director Seth Gordon is one that needs to sit up, as he has had experience directing films and TV shows, I was a little surprised to see that he was unable to pull out the best from this movie.

The movie plot is about Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) who had his identity stolen by a lady named Diana (Melissa McCarthy). Diana created a credit card using Patterson’s details that she called when she called him claiming to be from his bank.

With this credit card she created, Diana went ahead and painted the town red to the point that she ended up in jail and had a record. Now the real Sandy is facing some difficulties as his credit card have been maxed out and he now has a record, but the face on the mug shot is that of a woman.

Now Sandy is facing difficulties at work due to this record and so he decides to go find this woman and bring her to the cops and have her confess that she stole his identity. The idea sounded good to Sandy at first, until he meets Diana and realize that the task is one herculean one.

The movie did have some fun cast though, we saw Jon Favreau come on board as Sandy Patterson’s boss, we also have Morris Chestnut come on board as the detective investigating the case of the identity theft, not to forget Robert Patrick (the liquid alloy terminator the antagonist in Terminator 2) and even T.I. (the rapper) was on the cast list.

In the very end of this movie I still didn’t get the thrill I felt the makers were hoping I will get from watching this movie, because if I hadn’t seen this movie it won’t have made any difference. I still stand and say this is not one of the best I have seen Bateman in, but still he did a good job, this is not a must watch though, so don’t bother, I will advise that you catch Oz The Great and Powerful instead.


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