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Independence Day (1996)

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Independence Day (1996)


Will Smith
Jeff Goldblum
Bill Pullman
Margaret Colin
Vivica A. Fox

Directed by Roland Emmerich

In the 90s this was what Alien attack felt like: panic, death and stupid people thinking these Aliens will be bringing back Elvis.
Independence Day was a film like no other, done in 1996, this movie at its time of release was then the second highest grossing film ever (now it is 37th) and it made use of over 3000 visual effects which was the highest ever in any movie.

The movie was excellent when it came to the thrill and the dramatic power it carried. Will Smith was the star in this movie, but Bill Pullman was the man of the moment, his character and portrayal focus mainly on the tough decisions we have to make when we are faced with uncertain death like situations, and it won’t be fair if I said Will Smith did all the impressing because Bill Pullman made the film have the dramatic touch that it needed. The movies visual effect and the high tense drama will keep you glued all through the entire 138 minutes of the actual movie run. (It also won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effect at the Oscars)

The movie was done by the makers of Stargate (1994) (first movie to have a website) Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin. Emmerich directed this film while Devlin produced but both worked together on the script. Both went on to work on two movies after that which were Godzilla (1998) and The Patriot (2000).

The movie script is written to tie-in with the American’s Independence Day which is July 4th, the incidence in the movie started on the 2nd of July, when a mysterious alien ship enters Earth's orbit. The Mother Ship then deploys smaller large ships which positioned themselves in major cities around the earth.

Panic erupts here on earth and all military personnel were put on alert. A welcome to earth craft was sent to one of the ships when it got shot down by the ship defenses. So America launches an attack on the ships, and Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith) was one of the fighter pilots sent to attack the ship; but no matter what was done the ship had a shield that nothing could penetrate. Not even nuclear missiles.

David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) intercepted one of the ships signals and discovered that there was a countdown going on, he presumed the countdown to be an attack count down, so the president was warned and he with David and some member of his staff barely escaped when the ships attacked.

Now all hopes seemed lost, till David discovered a way to fight back.

This is one movie that I can stand and shout is one of the best that Will Smith ever found himself in, what do you think?


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