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Rush Hour (1998)

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Rush Hour (1998)


Jackie Chan
Chris Tucker

Directed by Brett Ratner

I always find myself laughing hard while watching this film, because the scenes, acting and the martial art so tripped me that I just have to give this movie the respect it deserves as a nice buddy cop movie that all should see.
The movie does a brief introduction of all the leads and then the movie’s pace picks up and the speed at which it carries on is one that is so impressive that I myself never believed it could keep up, but it did. Brett Ratner the director was on top of the situation and the blend of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan was masterful.

The story/plot that the movie is based is one that you can point out the holes, some of the situations that these two were able to get out of were eyebrow raising, not to mention how both manage not to get killed is one thing that you must try to overlook as watch, because that is only how you can truly enjoy this movie.

The movie starts in Hong Kong, when Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) was able to recover some priceless historical treasures. After the recovery the Chinese Consul Solon Han moved to America and while there, his daughter got kidnapped by a known Hong Kong crime lord Juntao. The Chinese Consul asked for Inspector Lee to come and aid the FBI in the investigations and recover of his daughter.

Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) is a LAPD cop that finds it hard to just do anything right, so in form of a punishment his captain loan him to the FBI to be a babysitter to Lee and keep him out of their way. But selfish Carter wants to solve the crime and so does Lee so together both, did all they could to recover the Chinese Consul’s daughter.

Much of what they did seemed like they were moving 1 step forward and 2 steps back, but in the end it all paid off.

Rush Hour 1 was a hit and it was well received. The combination of both actors (Chan and Tucker), made the news as all loved the mix, and at the very end made the movie a box office hit.

Later on, two other sequels were made with Chan and Carter reprising their roles respectively as Inspector Lee and Detective Carter and we get to see them take on other crime lords and cause major chaos where ever they go.
Rush Hour is a fine film from the 90s that even after you watch now, you will still be laughing hard, the movie came out same year that Lethal Weapon 4was released, which also starred a martial art actor Jet Li.
So for me as Lethal Weapon stopped, this two picked up from where it stopped and are keeping the buddy cop flame burning.


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