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The Terminator (1984)

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The Terminator (1984)


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Linda Hamilton
Michael Biehn

Directed by James Cameron

Here is a cultural icon of a movie that all should see, there is no reason to even say that you have been alive for this long and you have not seen this movie. This is James Cameron’s masterpiece of a movie, which he co-wrote and directed.

What makes this movie a must watch is not just because of the screenplay, which I have to say is masterful is the acting of Ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that takes you by storm, this may stand as the best movie he has ever found himself in, and also the cool thing was he was the villain.

The movie’s fast paced storytelling style is what will make sure that you don’t get bored and you stay glued, then add the action and violence that it never seem to have an end of, what you have is a recipe of how to make a classic action film. Although before its release many doubted that it will be a good idea or whether it will be well received, so I guess those guys know nothing about a good movie.

The movie starts in post-apocalyptic 2029 where the human race is fighting to stay alive as they face extinction. This is because in the past an artificial intelligent network called Skynet became self-aware and initiated a nuclear holocaust to wipe out all mankind; but one man stands between Skynet and the destruction of all the human race; his name is John Connor.

So Skynet devised a means to stop this man so they sent an artificially intelligent cyborg assassin, to the past, exactly 1984 to kill Sarah Connor (John Connor’s mother played by Linda Hamilton) this cyborg assassin is known as The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger), he is a living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. This makes The Terminator look human.

The resistant learned of this and sent someone to save Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) was sent because the death of Sarah Connor in 1984 means that John Connor will never be born and cease to exist in the future.

Other than being a critical success, The Terminator grew in fan base and after a very long time, 7 years to be exact James Cameron later on decided to make for us the Terminator junkies, Judgment Day, or better known Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), bringing back Arnold and this time he is the good guy.

No matter how great and exceptional Judgment Day was, this movie will stand as the one that left its mark and others followed.
T3 (Terminator 3 (2003)) was done 12 years after Judgment Day.
I don’t need to say more, if you have not seen this flick, I wonder why you are still bothering to go to the cinema (it is that good) you should be banned.


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