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The Internship (2013)

The Internship (2013)


Owen Wilson
Vince Vaughn

Directed by Shawn Levy

The film felt like how the characters were portrayed to feel when two old guys probably in their 40s were thrown into a mix with 20 something young adults. They felt out of place and not up to date with the current trend, which is exactly how the film felt, silly, outdated and out of place.

I will at any time go see an Owen Wilson movie; now mix it up with Vince Vaughn and you have me by the neck. But after just one hour into this film I felt everyone who will ever watch this film will not do so because of the bad review I’m giving it but because they like me, love these old guys and will love to pay them some respect by going to see them act.

This movie will probably go into the Guinness book of records as the longest ad ever. I’m a huge Google fan, in fact this site you reading this on is hosted by Google, but I was just tired of seeing that name plastered everywhere on the screen in this movie.

Bad enough that these old guys (Owen Wilson plays Nick Campbell, and Vince Vaughn plays Billy McMahon) after losing their jobs as watch salesmen, apply for a job in Google and are taking in as an intern, in the most unbelievable mockery of the term interview.
We also have to see what I will describe as a total stereotyping of I.T. lovers, I don’t think geeks hop around on broomsticks playing Muggle Quidditch, and if there so happen to be some geeks who do, please get a life.

The movie’s story also drags on and on, with us knowing that they will eventually get the job, so there was no surprise there.

The Internship looks like a recipe for a box office mishap, and it is nothing compare to the duos previous work together in Wedding Crashers (2005), here it just seems like the story is too limited and not enough was explored to bring out the best in the story. In the area of acting well the guys looked a little under utilized, the comedy is just dull, and you will watch this movie for close to 2 hours and not even grin.

I won’t advice this movie for anyone who is in the mood to see a good film, it is not worth the time and the cash. Do what I do when I hear a movie missed the mark, wait for the DVD to come out and go watch it in the house of the poor unfortunate soul who bought it.


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