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Wedding Crashers (2005)

Wedding Crashers (2005)


Owen Wilson
Vince Vaughn
Christopher Walken
Rachel McAdams
Isla Fisher
Jane Seymour

Directed by David Dobkin

In the 2000s when there was a movie that had either, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn or Will Ferrell in any combination we were all watching. These guys were making comedy movies left, right and center, many of which were pretty much entertaining. Wedding Crashers is one of such with the combination of Owen Wilson (as John) and Vince Vaughn (as Jeremy).

Overall the comedy in the movie is okay and the romantic turn of things is what takes this movie better. This was very funny back then and it is still an enjoyable movie now, but based on the way the world has changed, this movie felt a little uncomfortable. It is safe to say this movie does not age well, considering it is about men taking advantage of women. There are also over the top sexual jokes, the weird grandmother and the gay man portrayed as someone very unstable, well this movie cannot be made today, in 2020. That said, if you can overlook all that plus overlook the lack of development of strong female leads, this is an okay movie to see.

The movie plot is about two friends who have become professionals at crashing weddings. Their real job is divorce mediators, but the moment it is wedding season Jeremy gets the calendar out with a list of weddings that he and John are to crash. The whole aim is to get girls and free sex as the girls in weddings easy as they are all hyped in hook up hormones, according to this film.

There so happens to be a wedding that trumps other weddings happening within their reach. Jeremy was hell bent that he and John must crash the wedding of the daughter of the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, William (Christopher Walken).

You must know these guys don’t just crash weddings they infiltrate the family and make sure they get invited to the after party. They do the same here and get invited to stay in the home of the William with both men trying to get to bed the other two daughters of William.
How this whole lie turned to a romance is what this movie shows us and how the men were able to navigate their lives around the repercussion of starting things in a lie is fun to watch.

What did it for me in this movie is that even though Owen is the main character whose love life the movie is more focused on, it is Vaughn’s love life that stole the show.
His performance in this movie is cool, he was the person that made this movie funny and it was his love interest and romantic turn that was more interesting.
The movie was a big hit critically and commercially, like said about only see it if you can overcome all the things that are not readily accepted now as the norm.


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