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Platoon (1986)

Platoon (1986)


Charlie Sheen
Tom Berenger
Willem Dafoe

Directed by Oliver Stone

Watching a movie that was released a year after I was born, introduces me to the actors that I have come to respect now. I get to see them when they were younger and trying to make a name for themselves.
Here is a list of the men who were in this movie, most of which except the first two had supporting to minor roles.

Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men)
Tom Berenger (Hatfields & McCoys)
Willem Dafoe (Spiderman)
Kevin Dillon (Entourage)
Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland)
Johnny Deep (Pirates of The Carribean)
Mark Moses (Desperate Housewives)

The movie is good and captivating and the scenes were well depicted, making me glad that I never had to witness such, but it had a glue capacity to keep you on your sit until the end.

Platoon is a 1986 American war film written and directed by Oliver Stone who was also a war veteran. The story based upon his experiences as a U.S. infantryman in Vietnam. He says the movie's aim is to counter the vision of the war portrayed in John Wayne's The Green Berets. Platoon is the first film of a trilogy of Vietnam War films by Oliver Stone, after Platoon he did Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and Heaven & Earth (1993.

The movie is narrated by Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) who dropped out of college and volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam. There he served under the lazy and less influential Platoon Commander Lt. Wolfe and the experience and more influential Staff Sergeant Barnes (Tom Berenger)who had been shot 7 times and has scars all over his face.

Taylor was finding it hard fitting in, as the Platoon was divided into two sides; some were on Staff Sergeant Barnes side while others were on Sergeant Elias (Willem Dafoe) side. Both sides always have their differences and were at each other’s throat. Taylor soon got use to the men and found himself on Sergeant Elias side.

Taylor witnessed many atrocities during the war, including backstabbing, rape and murder, all of which caused him to become a better fighter.

The movie cleaned house in the box office as its $6 million budget brought home over $138 million. The film won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1986. It also won Best Director for Oliver Stone, as well as Best Sound Mixing and Best Film Editing.

It is a nice movie about the war, one I sure do hope you see.


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