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The Longest Yard (2005)

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The Longest Yard (2005)


Adam Sandler
Chris Rock
James Cromwell

Directed by Peter Segal

The Longest Yard Remake is a nice movie, it is packed to the brim with actors and celebrities that we all know (which led to the huge production cost), but if you have been privilege to have seen the original version in 1974, then you may not think highly of this remake as it was just the same script, different cast.

The changes in this remake that I do very well welcome, 1) the comedy, here the comedy was turned up a notch, and Chris Rock playing caretaker was insightful. 2) The brutality to women that Paul "Wrecking" Crewe showed in the original starring Burt Reynolds as Crewe was removed totally.

The thing that was added that I felt should not have been was the replacement of dark comedy with just plain family comedy; it to me caused the movie to lose some of its flavor.

That aside I enjoyed the movie and at that time bought the DVD, the plot is similar to the original.

A retired football player Paul "Wrecking" Crewe (Adam Sandler) got himself locked up for drunk driving and assaulting two police officers.
In prison the warden wanted him to help out in the semi-pro football team that he (the warden) is in charge of so that he can win the semi-pro competition against other prisons.

The problem Crewe had with this plan is that he just wanted to get in serve his time and leave, not knowing that in prison, things go by another set of rules.
After some painful persuasion, Crewe agreed and had to create a team from his fellow convicts, so that the Guards could play them and walk over them, thereby boosting their morals. But little did the guards know that Crewe and his team of coaches had other plans.

The movie was not well received by critics. My other displeasure in the movie was some of the black actors, to me other than Chris Rock and Nelly, every other black actor onboard this project were just class acts. They over did the race thingy and then their attitude, was just over the roof. I think these things were added to try and make the movie funnier, but it the end it was just annoying and felt faked.

Should you see the originalor the remake?

Well it totally depends on you, I have tried to make you see the difference between the two, but in my opinion I enjoyed the originalmore.


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