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Rain Man (1988)

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Rain Man (1988)


Dustin Hoffman
Tom Cruise

Directed by Barry Levinson

That is practically the only word that can best describe how I felt after I saw Rain Man. The movie is extremely captivating and there is no way you will not marvel at the acting shown by Dustin Hoffman.

Rain Man is one drama that when you are done watching you will have to agree with critics that this is one of the best when it comes to stories. The movie tried to show that it is possible to bond with autistic individuals, while also trying to eliminate the stereotype that is attached to autistic individuals.

Note, not all autistic individuals possess such abilities displayed by Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) in this movie, but they are humans like us, with feelings.

The movie made the best use of the two leads as we get to see them display emotions in a way of keeping it real, as both did their best to make the situations they found themselves be believable.
The ending of the film is one that I truly enjoyed, the writers didn’t go overboard like the future writers of I am Sam (which starred Sean Penn) they kept the flow as believable as they could.

Rain Man is about two individuals Charlie (Tom Cruise) and Raymond (Hoffman). Charlie didn’t connect with his father when he was younger and they soon grew apart. After his father died, Charlie found out that the man left behind his multimillion dollar estate to his brother Raymond.
The shock was not just the news that all was left to his brother, but that he had a brother. A secret that Charlie felt was unfair to have been kept from him.

Charlie went to see his brother only to find out that Raymond was autistic, and his doctor was left as his guardian. Charlie feeling cheated twice (from being kept in the dark about his brother and being left out of the will) by his father decided to kidnap Raymond and demand that the doctor pay him $1.5 million from Raymond’s money left in his care or he will not return Raymond.

Charlie’s plan would have been easy since Raymond was autistic and it was like kidnapping a child, but autistic people have needs and soon Charlie started to regret kidnapping his brother.

The movie was both a commercial and critical success getting numerous Oscar nominations, and it went home with the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Dustin Hoffman also went home with an award in the Best Actor category.

If you have not seen Rain Man (1988) go buy the DVD now.


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