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The French Connection (1971)

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The French Connection (1971)


Gene Hackman
Roy Scheider
Fernando Rey

Directed by William Friedkin

The French connection is a movie that I didn’t quite connect with. It is a classic that made the waves during its release, becoming both a critical and box office success, but in my opinion it was not all that. The movie’s recognition is stated below.
It was the first R-rated movie to win the Academy Award for Best Picture since the introduction of the MPAA film rating system. It also won Academy Awards for Best Actor (Hackman), Best Director (Friedkin), Best Film Editing, and Best Adapted Screenplay (Tidyman). It was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Scheider), Best Cinematography and Best Sound Mixing. Tidyman also received a Golden Globe Award, a Writers Guild of America Award and an Edgar Award for his screenplay. It has since been labeled as one of the greatest American films by the American Film Institute. (courtesy Wikipedia)

My curiosity to see this much talked about movie was finally quenched two nights ago, but it raised more questions than answers, as to why this movie is really celebrated. But I do have to hand it to the chase scene, it was interesting and very entertaining; I was so looking forward to seeing how it will end.
Then the much talked about acting of Gene Hackman, is not for me the best he has done. He won an Oscar for that performance, but maybe because that year there was nothing better on or no one worth giving it too.

The movie is about drug trafficking and it is based on a true life story about two police officers in the Narcotics Division, as they tried to bring down drug chain, which was moving in a big shipment of cocaine, stuffed into cars.

Now the movie didn’t bother making use of anybody else that was available to make the acting in general, worth commending as both (Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider) were mostly the guys you will see on the scene getting into your faces at every turn.

There was a sequel of this movie that was done in 1975, which was also a critical success, and it focused more on Gene Hackman’s character as he goes to France to finish what was started in America.

Going through the list of classics in the 70s here is a movie you will sure run into, whether you like it or not, The French Connection is seen as a 70s classic, one many will say you should see.


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