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Before Midnight (2013)

Before Midnight (2013)


Ethan Hawke
Julie Delpy

Directed by Richard Linklater

Before Midnight is the third in the Richard Linklater romantic drama series all staring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.
Since the beginning of this romantic journey Before Sunrise (1995)we are taking through the lives of two strangers who met, took a risk, fell in love, parted for some years, met again and started a life together. Before Midnight is based on nine years after the life they started together in Before Sunset (2004).

The runaway thrill about this romantic drama series is the screenplay. It is not always fun watching two people talk on and on about love, life and their emotions. These are things we all seem to talk about when we gather as friends, but somehow the screenplay has the ability to keep you glued not bored while watching two individuals discuss a well-known topic.

The movie plot is not one that is all that long to describe as the movie is about nine years after the conclusion of Before Sunset, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Céline (Julie Delpy) are now a couple and parents to twin girls. The girls are a result of the second time Jessie and Céline got together in Before Sunset.
This present situation has its challenges as Jesse is struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with his son, who lives in America with Jesse's ex-wife. As Jessie is now staying in Paris, France with Céline and the twins.

While with their friends discussing about love and life, their friends decided to arrange a night at a hotel for the couple so that they can spend some quality time together. What was meant to be a romantic getaway ended up being a heated argument about their present situation and the future of their relationship together.

In my opinion one actor who seems wither with time is Ethan Hawke. I remember the first time I saw him in the movie Dead Poet Society (1989) with Robin Williams, he look so good with a lot of prospects, but as time went on he seems to be looking withered, which is not a term likely to be used to be used when describing a human, but that is how he looked.

Julie Delpy on the other hand has turned into a fine actress over time, delivering her lines and emotions in a way to keep you the viewer thrilled.
In conclusion, this movie is not just one movie for you to see, hoping to be swept away by love scenes and complex plots. It is a nice sit down drama one I think everyone would love.


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