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Captain Philips (2013)

Captain Philips (2013)


Tom Hanks
Barkhad Abdi

Directed by Paul Greengrass

Captain Philips and his trip via the Indian Ocean is a movie that I was surprised that I actually enjoyed, and I enjoyed every moment of it. This Action thriller is based on a real life event where Captain Richard Philips was taken hostage by pirates led by Abduwali Muse.

In the movie Tom Hanks plays Captain Philips and Barkhad Abdi plays Abduwali Muse. Although I do not know who Barkhad Abdi is, I do believe his role in the movie was exquisite, he was for me on time when he delivered his lines, and the precision in his acting made him the man to watch the entire run of the movie. I actually enjoyed his portrayal better than that of veteran actor Tom Hanks.
For his role in this movie he earned himself a nomination as Best Supporting Actor in the Academy Awards and at the British Academy Film Awards, coming up later this year.

The captivating thing about Captain Philips is the pace, it keeps you glued. The way the events kept unfolding, it makes you feel like a boat in the middle of a storm, not knowing which way the waves is taking you. For that intense suspense I was kept at the edge of my sit all through the movie.

The movie as said above is about how Captain Philips got taken hostage as he tried to save his crew from harm and putting himself in the hands of the pirates.

There are more reasons to go see this movie other than what I’m saying. Just go online and see the audience and critics rating of this movie. Not only is it well liked it is also a financial success. Captain Philips made the best use of its scenery as it was shot off the coast of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, and then they did their best to make all the events seem true and real. As the movie is based on a publication of Richard Phillips's memoir A Captain's Duty in 2010.

Then another thing to cheer is the casting, the four people who were casted to play the four Somali pirates were just on point, they were the ones who made the film what it is and they were the ones, I can bet made sure that this film got an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Enough said, go see this movie, although it is nowhere as good as Her (2013) which I believe is the best movie that was released in 2013.


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