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National Treasure (2004)

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National Treasure (2004)


Nicholas Cage
Sean Bean
Justin Bartha
Jon Voight

Directed by Jon Turteltaub

National Treasure is a movie I found very much interesting, I think it was because I along with Benjamin Gates were solving riddles and clues left behind by his fore-fathers as we try to find the lost treasure, a treasure so great that it is too much for one nation to own.

A good treasure hunt is one thing we all wanted to experience as kids when we watched films and read books about pirates and all that. Then add the flare and adventure that Indiana Jones brought to finding his relics and you have me hooked, I really truly enjoyed this movie.
It is totally fictional, and the idea or the story is what is fascinating to me, a fictional story about a treasure hunt where all the clues are all around the US historical monuments is fun.

Many of the clues and riddles are so bogus that you just laugh, but it was the idea that I liked, not the authenticity of the clues.

The story starts when young Benjamin Gates, heard a story about treasure and clues from his grandfather John Adam Gates (Christopher Plummer) all to the disapproval of Benjamin’s dad Patrick Gates (Jon Voight). When Gates was then grown (Nicholas Cage) the hunt for the treasure began with help from a wealthy financier Ian Howe (Sean Bean).
Things started smoothly and the Gates and his friend Riley (Justin Bartha) along with Ian and his people found the first clue, which then pointed them to the second clue which is behind the Declaration of Independence.

Ian offered to steal it for Gates, but Gates refused to be part of stealing such and the group (after an explosion and shots being fired) parted ways.

Gates now wants to steal the Declaration of Independence before Ian does, knowing well that behind the Declaration of Independence is another clue that will lead them to the treasure.

The actors in the movie were just on point, when you put the story aside and look at the acting you will just be impressed, the men were good at their task. The movie is comedy adventure, which most of the comic showing up as a result of communications and weird events between the leads. Regardless though Sean Bean character Ian was an intelligent villain, but the ending of the film he did an act that seemed stupid and somewhat off, I believe the writers didn’t know how to end the movie, so they just got somewhere and were just keen to put an end to the adventure.

Here is a good movie I didn’t regret the time I spent watching it again. During its release though it was not a critical acclaim although audience liked it and it ended up being a financial success, which made rise to a sequel, NationalTreasure: Book of Secrets (2008).


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