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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


Leonardo DiCaprio
Jonah Hill

Directed by Martin Scorsese

The Wolf of Wall Street, I didn’t get to see what the whole hype was about. The movie is not bad, it is just not great either. It received positive reviews from critics, although its moral standing is kind of lost on me because we are seeing the repercussion of what happened to Jordan Belfort in a light that seemed like all the thing that he faced afterwards was worth it.

The comic style of the movie was also too raw for me to like it that much, I just found myself straight faced not laughing as I was told I would.

The movie is based on Jordan Belfort's memoir The Wolf of Wall Street, where Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) was a small time stockbroker who was got a job working in an established brokering firm that was ran by Mark Hana (Matthew McConaughey), Mark advises Jordan to adopt the same lifestyle he lives, having casual sex, masturbating and using cocaine to stay on top of his game.

Jordan has barely settled down into his new job, when the firm fails after Black Monday.

Jordan then gets a job at another brokering firm that sells penny stocks and from there, Jordan blew up. He took over the way things are being run in the firm and launching out big, by creating his own brokering firm Stratton Oakmont.

After that things went on the fast lane for Jordan and his friends and the money they were making was too much for them to spend, as they started doing shady deals to make more money and robbing the poor masses.

This movie has been nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Martin Scorsese.
The film is historically significant as the first major movie to be distributed entirely digitally. It is also noted for being the drama film with the word "fuck" said the most in cinematic history. (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

I feel that many will find this raw comedy and lack of moral standing of this movie to be fun, because of the way movies have shifted to a new level where they use sexual reference, sex and vulgar language to keep the vulgar world happy.

Been wondering when the world turned to such, where a line like, “soon you will be jerking off thinking about money” is considered funny.

As I said The Wolf of Wall Street is not for me, but it can be for you so give it a try.


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