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Justice League: War (2014)

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Justice League: War (2014)


 Starring the voice of
Alan Tudyk
Jason O'Mara
Michelle Monaghan
Christopher Gorham
Justin Kirk
Shemar Moore
Sean Astin

Directed by Jay Oliva

The inclusion of Shazam instead of Aquaman as it is in the comic may make you wonder where this film is going or if DC has made a mess of a fine comic book origin story of Justice League (as the film is an adaptation of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's 2011 Justice League: Origin comic storyline), but as the movie starts to take shape while other similar elements of the comic is maintained the movie became both fun to watch and I found myself laughing all through as our heroes get to meet each other for the first time.

Reviewing the animation as it is, I have to say that this modern origin story of the Justice League was just cool. I really enjoyed how most thought that Batman was a myth until they met him, and then there is the whole Hal Jordan, trying to be a lone hero thing and just kept tripping on his own beetle headedness; you need to see that for yourself.

Working together as a team was not easy for our heroes at first, as they went at each other numerous times before they finally worked it out that they were all good guys, and when they did, Darkseid didn’t know what hit him.

The action and humor of this animation is what will keep you glued to the end and when the movie ends you will wish there was more.

The movie plot is simple, the world is changing and the emergency of super humans and aliens is making everyone scared and cranky, as our heroes (Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam and Flash (Barry Allen)) were seen more like threats than heroes.
Then an attack happens on various locations on earth and as our heroes battle it with this creatures (Parademon) who seem to be kidnapping humans, they are drawn together as each attack kept leading to a center stage of the grand entrance of Darkseid.

Our heroes then teamed up against their common enemy and joined by Cyborg who seemed to have information about these creatures and what they want, our heroes band together to dealt with the threat.

The movie deviated from the comic in other parts too, not just in the area of replacing Aquaman with Shazam, but if this is a preview of what is to come in the future concerning the DC universe, then I’m both thrilled and expectant of the next movies as DC has found a way to make me eager and curious on the Justice League’s next adventure.

Justice League: War is available on Blu-ray and DVD, get a copy for yourself you will be glad you did.

Robocop (2014)

Robocop (2014)


Joel Kinnaman
Gary Oldman
Michael Keaton
Samuel L. Jackson

Directed by José Padilha

Robocop 2014, I have finally seen the PG version of the first of the likely series of Robocop reboot. The truth of the matter is the movie is ok. It adds to the Robocop story what the original lacked, which is more depth into Alex Murphy’s life, which did not help in topping the original. In the end I felt the movie was ok, but too long with too much unnecessary drama. Also, it attempted to top the original (and failed) instead of casting its own shadow. I feel it will have done better if the runtime was shorter and the bad guy tougher.

The plot goes: Alex Murphy was murdered “well, attempted to be killed” by a gang he was trying to take down. In critical condition his wife allowed him to be experimented on, as he was made into a cyborg, a police officer cyborg, who is practically unstoppable.

Another thing about this movie that didn’t just feel, is the E-209. In the first Robocop there were so lethal that he had to flee from one. Here he took them on, I will allow you to see it yourself.

There were significant changes in this Robocop reboot, like Lewis being African-American and also male. Unlike the first Robocop in 1987 where Lewis was a white female. In the first, Murphy and Lewis were partners for a short while before Murphy was brutally murdered. Here though Murphy and Lewis were partners for a long time and Murphy was not killed in a gun battle like the first, but by a car bomb.

I think the most significant change is the role of Murphy’s wife, in the first she was just a memory, while here she plays a key and significant role in the making of Robocop and in the outcome of events.

The key comparison in the mind of many is that is this movie as good as the 1987 version, the answer will be…


It is good by its own rights, but the old version’s R-rating made it engaging and overall more interesting. This movie on the other hand produces best of the best acting from its cast. It also changed the motives of some of its casts for example the old Robocop movies everyone was in it for their benefit, here the “naughty professor” who made Robocop had a heart. He wanted the best for his creation. He was ready to do what it takes even putting his life in danger so that Alex/Robocop will not be extinguished.

Another term of comparison comes up, is the new Murphy better than the old Murphy?
Peter Weller was a one of a kind Robocop and I think Joel Kinnaman has a lot to do, to make oldies like us forget totally about Weller.

The new suit though is off the chains and here Robocop is using a bike instead of the car that the old one is known with.
The story does not change and the line “Dead or Alive, You’re Coming With Me” was mentioned also in the movie.

The idea is that this reboot was supposed to spring in some sequels, i wonder if the not too impressive box-office performance or lackluster reviews will hinder that.

RoboCop 3 (1993)

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RoboCop 3 (1993)


Robert John Burke
Nancy Allen

Directed by ‎ Fred Dekker

I guess the movie should have been named there is no end to the torture, as Robocop 3 was just a totally waste of money and idea.
The funny thing is I remembered the first time I watched it, I was with my sister and my friends, and while watching it I can recall being pissed because of the way the movie turned out. To add to the anger was the death of Lewis (Nancy Allen) which I felt was totally unneeded. I knew from the previous part that her role was being limited, but killing her off was not my idea of a good way to end her character.

Robocop 3 was a financial disaster at the box office and with Peter Weller not wanting to reprise his character, because he felt walking in the suit was cumbersome and the negative reception of the second part all led to his retirement as Alex Murphy/Robocop so Robert John Burke had to step in.

This time our Robocop is up against a rehabilitation task force created by OCP to relocate the people and make way for their Delta City project, as time is running out for the implementation of the project. The Rehab force use force to evict the people and in the process kill some. So our hero is here again to defend the innocent.

The main issue with this movie is that the production was done to be a family movie, all the R-rating that was in the first and second movie were totally removed to make way for a more family friendly Robocop. The story was not as boring as the second part of the movie, because I could sit and watch this movie without the fear of sleeping off, but I still didn’t want too because:
1. Peter Weller was not in it
2. It was rated PG-13

The flying part in the movie was meant to be the high note I guess, but the absence of the gore just made it pass by unimpressive.

Frank Miller also wrote this screenplay bringing back some of the elements that were dismissed in the second Robocop movie, he actually made the dismissed parts the gas on which this new Robocop movie runs on.

In the end, I can safely say, just watch the first Robocop, don’t bother with the rest as they don’t add up to what makes this movie a franchise and you not seeing them saves you money and I guarantee you are not missing a thing.

RoboCop 2 (1990)

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RoboCop 2 (1990)


Peter Weller
Nancy Allen

Directed by ‎Irvin Kershner

When a great movie is encountering a part 2, all you expect is something better, or at least close to it. Well that was what I expected when I was watching this film, but what I got was something totally different from what the movie promised to offer.

The first problem I had with the movie is the story line, it was too direct. I guess that may work with a lot of other movies, but here it just didn’t seem to work. The movie started with action and the action went on and on, till I had to struggle to keep my eyes open. Even the idea of a child who was ruthless and a killer seemed too wrong to be part of a movie.

Robocop 2 is more than boring it is crap. The main issue I had with the movie is the movement of Robocop himself, in the first movie he seemed to move around more freely than he did in this one, then there was the behavior, there was a scene where he was cracking his neck.
He is a cyborg, practically metal with just a brain, why is he cracking his neck?

The movie to me also down played the role of Nancy Allen who played Officer Lewis. Then there is the part of the second cyborg, a Robocop 2 who is addicted to drugs.
So much is wrong with the idea of this movie that in the end I was just wondering why they made it and after reading the script why they thought it was going to pass as a good movie.

The movie plot continues after the events of the first film, the same idea still runs though, everyone was looking out for themselves and their financial benefit to care about what was going on in the police department.

The state is losing Detroit to OCP due to their massive debt and a drug baron named Cain is ruling the streets making millions selling a drug named nuke.
Cain and Robocop had an encounter which saw Robocop torn to shreds, or ripped apart. But their second showdown was what led to Cain becoming Robocop 2, and from there the movie keeps to its R rating, with deaths all over the place.

This was the last time Peter Weller took the role as Robocop, saying this film was too negative and disappointing, the same view was shared by his co-actor Nancy Allen. Frank Miller wrote the script for this movie, although in his defense, his script was said to be unmakable and numerous re-writes is what led to the Robocop 2 that we see today, and a crappier Robocop 3 later on.