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Robocop (2014)

Robocop (2014)


Joel Kinnaman
Gary Oldman
Michael Keaton
Samuel L. Jackson

Directed by José Padilha

Robocop 2014, I have finally seen the PG version of the first of the likely series of Robocop reboot. The truth of the matter is the movie is ok. It adds to the Robocop story what the original lacked, which is more depth into Alex Murphy’s life, which did not help in topping the original. In the end I felt the movie was ok, but too long with too much unnecessary drama. Also, it attempted to top the original (and failed) instead of casting its own shadow. I feel it will have done better if the runtime was shorter and the bad guy tougher.

The plot goes: Alex Murphy was murdered “well, attempted to be killed” by a gang he was trying to take down. In critical condition his wife allowed him to be experimented on, as he was made into a cyborg, a police officer cyborg, who is practically unstoppable.

Another thing about this movie that didn’t just feel, is the E-209. In the first Robocop there were so lethal that he had to flee from one. Here he took them on, I will allow you to see it yourself.

There were significant changes in this Robocop reboot, like Lewis being African-American and also male. Unlike the first Robocop in 1987 where Lewis was a white female. In the first, Murphy and Lewis were partners for a short while before Murphy was brutally murdered. Here though Murphy and Lewis were partners for a long time and Murphy was not killed in a gun battle like the first, but by a car bomb.

I think the most significant change is the role of Murphy’s wife, in the first she was just a memory, while here she plays a key and significant role in the making of Robocop and in the outcome of events.

The key comparison in the mind of many is that is this movie as good as the 1987 version, the answer will be…


It is good by its own rights, but the old version’s R-rating made it engaging and overall more interesting. This movie on the other hand produces best of the best acting from its cast. It also changed the motives of some of its casts for example the old Robocop movies everyone was in it for their benefit, here the “naughty professor” who made Robocop had a heart. He wanted the best for his creation. He was ready to do what it takes even putting his life in danger so that Alex/Robocop will not be extinguished.

Another term of comparison comes up, is the new Murphy better than the old Murphy?
Peter Weller was a one of a kind Robocop and I think Joel Kinnaman has a lot to do, to make oldies like us forget totally about Weller.

The new suit though is off the chains and here Robocop is using a bike instead of the car that the old one is known with.
The story does not change and the line “Dead or Alive, You’re Coming With Me” was mentioned also in the movie.

The idea is that this reboot was supposed to spring in some sequels, i wonder if the not too impressive box-office performance or lackluster reviews will hinder that.


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