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Halloween (1978)

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Halloween (1978)


Donald Pleasence
Jamie Lee Curtis
P. J. Soles
Nancy Loomis

Directed by John Carpenter

No school like the Old School, remakes (not all) especially remakes of horror classics always end up having more blood and useless screams, because the new director decides the ones in the old ones were not enough to go with in the first place.

I wasn’t born during the time of John Carpenter’s Halloween, but I was born during the Rob Zombie’s version and after seeing it I was more curious to see the original and know why it is tagged a classic. To be honest I really didn’t go for it much, I felt it was dragged too long with the whole idea of suspense and the fact that I have already seen the remake, I guess it didn’t make this movie much for me.

But as a whole, I felt it was a bore, I almost dozed off while watching it, I guess slasher movies have been overdone with such like Scream, Friday the 13th, and This making the waves all through the late 70s and 90s making it hard for me to appreciate this movie at all.

I’m a fun lover of old classics and I was so expectant to love this movie, and I was just disappointed. There is time for everything is what the bible said, I guess the time of slasher movies have come and gone.

The movie is about a man named Michael Myers, who started his killing spree at a young age when he killed his elder sister after she was done having sex, with her boyfriend.
He got locked up in an insane asylum and after 15 years broke out. Now this psycho killer is on the loose, knowing no other place to go, he returns to his old house and continues his killing spree with no remorse.

Back in his home town Michael stalks teenager Laurie Strode and her friends. With the intention of killing them, but Michael's psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis suspects Michael's intentions of returning home and continue killing, so he shows up in Michael’s hometown, but not soon enough as Michael has started killing again.
The movie is now about, who will succeed, will Michael succeed in killing off all the people he has been stalking or will Loomis stop him.

No matter how I feel about this movie Michael Myers will always remain a classic psycho killer who spawned a franchise that went on for over 10 films, the movie went on to be like a sibling rivalry between Laurie and Michael.
If you are in the slasher movie feel like I am, maybe you should try seeing all of the Halloween movies.


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