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The Artist (2011)

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The Artist (2011)


Jean Dujardin
Bérénice Bejo

Directed by Michel Hazanavicius

The Artist is a fine film, I have to admit. I dreaded watching it because, although I like the old black and white films I never fancied silent films and then this 2011 silent film to me was like trying to bring back old memories of the film days that I felt were better left with Charlie Chaplin.

When the movie started I had to hold back the urge to turn it off, then the screenplay starts to unveils and Jean Dujardin character George Valentin starts acting and soon the movie becomes captivating, I just couldn’t help but laugh and curious to see how the character was going to have his comeback.

The movies screenplay is what you have to see, this French/English movie boast of a screenplay that was nominated for Best Original Screenplay in the Academy Awards.
I have heard someone ask me, why I go off about screenplay often, well it is because that is what makes the movie, the screenplay dictates how the movie will go, from the beginning to the end, the director’s job is to bring the screenplay to life on TV.
So if you have a whack screenplay and a good director, you will get a whacked movie, same also, if you have a good screenplay and a whack director you will have a whacked movie.
But a good director like Michel Hazanavicius and a good screenplay (which he also wrote) you have a masterpiece in the making. Don’t let me get started on the score of the movie. Since it is a silent film the movie’s score is very pronounced and it has to be good and blend well enough with what is happening on screen so as not to cause distractions. Then the costume in this movie, was also good enough, for the while I was watching it I felt I was in the silent movie era.

The movie’s plot is about an actor who was famous and popular, but the time of silent film has come to an end and talkies were now the new thing in town. This actor George Valentin fails to move along with the trend and soon he became a shadow of himself as talkies became the best thing to have ever happened to the movie industry and he missed it.
The movie, shows how he was helped by someone who idolized him in the time when he was a star.

The Artist is a great movie, don’t delay like me go see it.

Its accolades include:
Academy Awards: 5 wins which include, Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor
BAFTA Awards: 7 wins which include, Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay


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