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Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Thor: The Dark World (2013)


Chris Hemsworth
Natalie Portman
Tom Hiddleston
Anthony Hopkins

Directed by Alan Taylor

Thor: The Dark World, was released late 2013 and I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it, because I didn’t know why they bothered making the movie, knowing fully well that Thor is not really one of those guys with really cool stories.

The movie was captivating enough though, it wasn’t as funny as the first  and not as clumsy nor as deep as the first in the area of story, but it will suffice as a good movie any day. If I never got to see it though I know I would not have missed much.
The ending of the movie, when Thor had gotten rid of the threat and he had to face his father; there was a cool scene, the way the writers coined that ending was good enough for me to want to see the next Thor movie to know how it will all go down.

The movie continued/picked up after the events of The Avengers (2012), like other movies in the marvel universe the events of the avengers rocked the marvel universe, and Thor allegiance to either Asgard or earth was questioned, as Thor is going across realms to bring order during the day and disappearing to be on earth at night.

The movie made good use of the money that Disney got, as the effects were grand, Anthony Hopkins was just out of this world and I initially thought Loki had a minimal part to play in this movie, but I was wrong he had a great part to play, and his part was crucial.

The movie starts with an introduction to the new threat to the universe as we know it, the Dark Elves. They were around before there was light and they wanted to bring darkness back, but Bor Odin’s father stopped them. But the planets are aligning again (which is supposed to happen like once every 5,000 years, but if you look at the rate of occurrence in all this hero and Sci-Fi movies it will amount to like a yearly thing) and The Dark Elves are arising and they are now gathered together once again to finish what they started like 5,000 years ago.

The movie is excellently packaged and I was not surprised that Disney raked in millions for this movie and are planning to make another. I didn’t fancy the death of Rene Russo (she played Loki and Thor’s mother) I felt they just wasted talent by doing so, but hey I’m not the writer.

Marvel has their universe locked down, and the only great thing that could happen now is if they are able to secure the return of Spiderman and X-men.
Wouldn’t that be great?


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