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Fantastic Four (2015)

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Fantastic Four (2015)


Miles Teller
Michael B. Jordan
Kate Mara
Jamie Bell
Toby Kebbell

Directed by Josh Trank

Finally I got to see this movie.

We all need to see this movie in the freest possible way there is, this movie is so weird (weird as in you would be amazed by what is going on) it shouldn’t pass your freebie radar. It is not worth a dime of your money.

You have to be very alert to see this movie because the lines will bore you and the events in the movie were so well spaced out, you can get lost.

The movie starts with young Reed Richards trying to build a teleport machine in junior high and we get to see him and Ben Grimm bond on the experiment, which eventually worked. Then the movie jumps to senior high where the two get to meet Sue Storm who happens to be like an adopted sister (or real, didn’t quite that part) of Johnny Storm.

Sue, Johnny and their father working with Victor Doom have been working on a teleport machine of their own, just that it was lacking some key technology to work perfectly a technology Reed Richards had.

Now imagine this, I had to sit through the movie which is 90 minutes long (but felt longer) and wait until 15 minutes towards the end of the movie before anything action related really happens.

Here is what led to it, the group travel to through the teleport machine to another dimension (Sue didn’t follow them, but stayed behind on Earth to monitor the travel. Things went wrong and tadaaa!!!!

We have, Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing and Doctor Doom.

It was like never ending talking, and the whole story change will make you wonder if you were actually watching Fantastic Four.

I think this was a quick reboot and Fantastic Four doesn’t deserve to be treated as such. Fox, not wanting to lose rights to this franchise have actually lost 10s of millions to keep it for some years. It reminds me of Punisher and Ghost Rider. The first part of these movies were good, but when there were nearing the date of return back to Marvel, Lionsgate decided to try and keep the franchise. The ended up throwing money away.

If you watch this movie, you will love the first two Fantastic Four movies Fox did initially in 2005 and 2007. In fact, those movies are a masterpiece compared to this one.

Well, this box office bomb and universally panned movie is one to avoid.
The movie is like a total joke and the biggest joke is Fox had (they could still do it) a sequel in mind. For any studio to put money into this movie, is like setting millions of dollars on fire. Josh Trank (the director) did all his can to distance himself from this movie, that is how crappy it is.

Spielberg is counting down the time when all this superhero craze movies and series will come to a close, a countdown many don’t share… but we all know it is coming.


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