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Man Up (2015)

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Man Up (2015)


Simon Pegg
Lake Bell

Directed by Ben Palmer

Man Up is one of those nice cool movies you probably will not hear about. I came across it while seeking for something to see this weekend and seeing the picture of Simon Pegg on the cover inspired me to give it a try.

It delivers. The fun thing about this movie is the cast, the two leads Simon Pegg and Lake Bell can’t be more equally matched for this movie. Their chemistry is engaging and it makes you want to fall in love and never be afraid to take a chance on love.
As far as Romantic Comedies go this is wonderful. Funny, witty and all around cool is what Man Up delivers.

Every Romantic Comedy shows you the guy and the girl and how the hook up. The path to the hook up is something we are all too familiar with, based on the fact that there is nothing new under the sun. When watching such movies as this, you expect things to go same way, but wonder how the movie will be if it didn’t. Well this movie decided to follow the same path as the other movies go, but then twist and turns in the areas we want them to, and leave you wondering, how are these guys going to end up together now?

Well they did.

Wonderful directing by Ben Palmer this British movie stars an English man and an American lady, where the lady has to put up an English accent, Lake Bell did well with her accent, but I wonder why they didn’t just cast an English actress. But I guess the casting director knew something about how these two will look on the screen, well done sir, because they looked great.

The movie plot is straight and simple Nancy (Lake Bell) is 34 and lonely, giving up on love and just living. Jack (Simon Pegg) is 40 and lonely, struggling to cope with his divorce as his wife left him for his friend.

Jack was off for a blind date, while Nancy was just off after a lady she met in a train who left her book behind for Nancy. Nancy was standing at the spot holding the book which Jack and the lady he was to meet decided will be how they will recognize each other.

Jack approached Nancy thinking she is his date and rushes her off on their date not giving her room to explain, well she played along, until midway in their date she owns up.

Want a Rom-Com for you and your lover to kick back and watch this weekend?

Go see Man Up, you will be glad you did.


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